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  1. Wow.... I did not mean to upset you. I was glad you made it.
  2. To all you low timers. IF you ever have to fly a boat. Hook on to the stern ..... you have 2 points to hook on to and the boat will fly better. This is my experience.... if others have different ideas please post them.
  3. I don't believe only the few of us have scared ourselves in this industry... I look forward to hearing from you other guys that have had close calls. Many lower time people could learn from us.
  4. Mid 90's I was driving a 206 on lower gear do logging support. I was parking on an active logging road so I was putting the carousel and the 150' line over the edge so no one would drive over it. I was napping in the back seat when I got the medi-vac call on the radio. I jump out and to get the stretcher and put it in the back. I quickly got the machine started and lifted off over top of my long line and carousel.... I am skimming the top of the trees as I am parked higher than the logging show.....for some reason I looked at the mirror and saw the line coming with me.... no room to flare to d
  5. That's him. The schools should have that for the students. Do you know where I could get a copy?
  6. I was sweating reading this. In a cloud next to the wires..... wow....... glad you made it.
  7. A very good boss I had for years would look out the window and see the poor weather and turn around and say. Days like this is what they made coffee pots for. I hear him every time the weather is bad.
  8. LOL. Are you trying to tell us all you are pretty slow with the line. Just teasing you.
  9. I would like all of us old timers help the low timers get old. I liked getting the flier that came with the AIP updates that told us about accidents and of course the pilot that was always doing dumb stuff..... I don't remember his name. I learned alot and found it interesting to read of others mistakes. Maybe we can bring this forum back to what we all wanted again. I know there will be some who will bicker and protest but who cares.... if we save a person's life by sharing..... I call that a win.
  10. I was working in the winter in northern BC. I had plenty of local knowledge of the area as I was a base manager for a few yrs. Coming back to the base after doing a job for a week out of town there was an inversion. I was up in the clean sky with a OAT of +5 I am flying along fat dumb and happy. I got close to town and saw the fog laying in the valley. Looks like I need to use my favorite creek to get down to the base which is about 400' lower than I am currently at. Being alone I didn't notice the torque climbing. Had my head in the longline window as I worked my way down the cree
  11. Different topic..... this thread was only about carrots...... now it is about carrots and sticks. That video was hilarious.
  12. My very first carrot was we will fly you lots if you come to this school. As the fellow was saying this to me a student walked up and said hey I have been here for 6 weeks and have only flown 5 hours and I am so far from home I want to get this done. I shook the instructors hand and went to a different school. I did not realize at the time most carrots never come to be true. But on the other side I have seen that a good operators don't offer a carrot..... they call you into the office and say we are going to do this for you.
  13. Funny thing is I don't even serve carrots in my house since I started this career. LOL
  14. The whole idea I had when I started this thread was to let the low time people that we all had some hard times and I am sure some of them have been promised things that have not come true. The 212 is not the trophy of my career. That would be all the medi-vacs where I saved people's lives.
  15. So tell your story to low time guys that are trying to get to where us old timers are now. Some of us got taken more than once including myself.
  16. The correct name of that carrot is SUCKER. LOL.
  17. The one that burns me the most was I signed on for the summer to fly a single engine medium with the promise of a 212 endorsement at the end of the season.... I had extended a couple of times because I didn't want to p*ss anyone off and not get the 212 endorsement.... the end of a slow season came and because the 212 was leased they didn't give me my endorsement. Bullsh*t reason but still no endorsement. I never let that be a carrot to me again and still no 212 time.
  18. I don't want anyone to name the operators in this post but we can tell the low timers the false carrots we had to deal with so they may understand they are not alone
  19. LOL.... wear your life jacket.
  20. I was thinking of the low time guys that may be on IA. Long before an helco shows up. But I like the way you think a Helco would actually make a decision before a town is gone. Burn up a few towns and get an open cheque for a new budget. But this is another story. For now let's keep the lower time people aware of the dangers of fast moving water while using a bucket. So if you have a low timer on the crew point this out to them and give them some of your knowledge.
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