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  1. Wow, thank you for the insight and depth of response into this question! I don't have much experience with military environments, is there much politics and bureaucracy? Do you know how many years you need to give back to them after you have your license? Is there a way you would summarize the difference in lifestyles between the two paths? I'm trying to keep all my options open right now as I gather as much info as I possibly can. Currently have an aptitude test with the CAF scheduled for the new year!
  2. What kind of sh*t do you have to put up with when you start out? What kind of work do they start you off doing?
  3. Hi all, 23 y/o who doesn't love sitting at a desk all day, but always loved helicopters and wanted to fly. Looking for opinions and thoughts (dangerous, I know) about the heli industry: -Getting in via the commercial route vs CAF route? What is it like transitioning from military to commercial work? -What's life like as a rookie pilot in the industry right now? I heard its always a grind starting out, but what is job availability like? -Physical limitations? I'm about 6'5", does that impact my chances of getting a job later on? Any other tips or tricks you have for som
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