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  1. Well Guys, whats the story, everything has got very quiet on this thread. Has anyone had any luck on getting me a colour photo of CF FKR, Rotornut23, did you find out anything on the data plate?. Dewey, how do you know that person you asked me did I work for him, he was my employers fathers partner (I think I have that right). Did you work for him?
  2. The a/c will not be a total rebuild, it is hoped to purchase an a/c that has been damaged but not distroyed, replace whatever parts need replacing with original Bell parts get a C of A and then transfer the data plate on to it, the main reason for all this is to retain the original irish reg EI APP
  3. I take it then that the 2 m/c were burned in the same fire? what are the chances of that, me looking for 2 helicopters shipped from Ireland in different years and the 2 of then distroyed in the same fire. Dont surpose you have any colour photgraphs of any of the m/c and maybe try and get the data plate of C GOEV as well? My bosses father bought these 2 m/c brand new in the box and shipped them to Ireland in the 60s and the 70s so now he would like to rebuild one of them for old times sake
  4. I forgot to mention that there was another m/c B206 B2, Irish reg EI AYP, Canadian reg C GOEV s/n 1294. Anyone got any info on this one, This is the last one, I promise. Thanks
  5. If you had the the data plate the m/c can be rebuilt using the same s/n, Rotorhead23, if you are the son of the owner you know my employer very well, he tells me it was you who got him into flying helicopters, he has just started flying for SARS in Ireland. L. Mc P Do the initials ring a bell?
  6. Hi Guys, thanks to everyone who helped get all this information, I know its not great news that she is no longer flying but at least I know what happened. 1 more task for all you great researchers, would there be any chance that the data plate could be found. I always have hope. Cheers Lads
  7. Cap, would you by any chance have a photograph of the old girl?
  8. Hi Everyone, this is my first post and hopefully some of you guys may be able to help me. I am trying to track down an old B206 A Jet Ranger, it once belonged to my employers father who is hoping to find it for old times sake. It was reg in Ireland in Aug 1967 under EI-APP for 2 years and then cancelled 29-Apr-72, then shipped to Canada under the reg of CF-FKR its s/n was 0079. Does anyone have any infomation on its whereabouts, I know it was involved in a accident in Quebec in 1979 when operated by Iroquois Helicopters after this the trail just goes cold, no one has any record of it, I have emailed so many people, at this stage I feel i am cracking up . If I could even find the data plate for it I would be happy, so any help would be truly grateful. Thank You. Border.
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