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  1. At the same time though aviation or helicopters more so always preaches safety this safety that. It never really takes precedence over profit or the just get it done attitude tho. That is my opinion on these third and 4th booster shots I feel profits are pushing it now and not the “science” anymore…
  2. Maybe Canada should look at allowing private healthcare, it could reduce the strain and wait times. If people can afford it why not…
  3. Can we agree that the threat is lesser now and mandates should be lifted and children allowed maskless in the classroom?
  4. The whole thing is ridiculous. I don’t know many ppl at work or outside that think any of this is a good idea by any means. Most just rolled over to remain employed, there still are company’s that hire non vaxxed. It just becomes hard getting to work and the clients call the shots about what’s “safe” at the work sites. Lol
  5. Do you think covid will end after a 100% vaccination rate ? I doubt it, people love instilling fear and control over one another. Our industry is a perfect example of that.
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