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  1. Just read down thru the registrations. Alot of memories on that list...some good, some well, not so good! 🙃
  2. Agree with Gray. We would be no where if we did not think outside the box. I know very well of a operator who once want a ops spec for what others thought was totally ludicrous. Once the operator put forward thier plan for training and showed the benefits and how risk could be mitigated they received thier ops spec. Then the took it further and again had it approved. They thought WAY outside the box. Now it is setting the standard for others. As DGP says...then we get asked to do things that are totally insane. Hmmm..."let's going spraying on goggles" like there is not a place to f
  3. Flying on goggles reguires the right training and the proper currency. Not something you just pickup and go. The hazards are quickly identifiable once you understand how they work....their limitations...and there are plenty. As for wires, NOPE. Same old story as in marginal weather (without goggles) you best find the towers first. As for fighting fires with them I would not hazard a guess how much risk would be involved. Doing quick turns to keep the customer happy with the amount of water you could lay out in one hour of flight time would be DRASTICALLY reduced from daylight productivity. If
  4. The drones are made of a lot of plastic, a petrochemical derivative They are made in China. Human rights abuses, Environmental disaster, Covid, Sars, etc Lithium mining for the batteries has a massive carbon footprint. Better for the Environment? Debatable. Can someone please direct me to the emoji of the little red guy banging his head against a brick wall!
  5. Hmmm.... from what I have actually seen I was amazed at what they are making. Maybe it was just this one operator I witnessed. A friend reguired a shoot for a adverstizing promo. The "crew" some dude and his wife showed up in a small SUV with one larger ToughBox in the back. Of course being somewhat curious I asked the cost of such a peice of kit. Reply, $2500.00. Cost to friend for flight and editing of film $1700.00. Seems you would not need a lot of revenue trips to pay it off!!!!!! Plus, it is better for the enviroment (f##k think I threw up in my mouth)
  6. Just to be the devil's advocate. There were no attacks on the company. Actually the two companies being discussed were praised. As for names... I only saw initials. CT - Colin Tugmore SC - Sonny Canthelpya 😎😁
  7. Thread shot not be shut down as long as people remain civil. At this point this thread is fairly civil. Same rules of freedom of speech should remain here as they do on Twitter until violate them. Must say though, drinking my morning coffee and watching Trunp on Twitter brightens my day. NOT
  8. 47 maybe? Could be wrong but that is doubtful. According to the wife I am never wrong..... ðŸĪŠðŸĪĢ
  9. Having worked there for many years a long time ago it was a brilliant company. The ownership knew how to run a aviation company. You had to work hard and they expected it. But, the rewards were great. Could go on and on about the President he was a hands on type.of individual. He was one of a kind... hard and tough but a huge heart. Stabbed him in the hand on a hunting trip by accident once. The look on PW's face was priceless. He always thought he ran the company little did he know there was a little lady who actually took are of the issues!!!ðŸĪĢ😁ðŸĪĢ😁 Many great memories. They wil
  10. Yes, first time in 50 yes would be correct. PW (RIP) would not be happy about such a move even in these difficult times.
  11. It struck me last night why would anyone purchase/lease Puma's given their cost and parts issues ($$) but the offshore O&G market for the Super P has totally dried up after the events in the NS. Then again if they have more being imported then listed they possibly may be (speculation of course) thinking that scavenging parts in the short term may be a way forward. So, chancing being especially as someone stated that there may be foriegn interests involved they got them for a $1.00 a Kilo. If they did get them for $8600.00 I just should have pick up a mitt full myself!😁 Who knows
  12. Unless things have changed drastically over the last number of years sourcing parts may be difficult for the Super Kitty if they are required urgently. It looks as if one operator in the list has aguired 4, this may be a little easier if comments need to be scavenged for a quick RTS. Also, I am sure the operator has done their due diligence with regard to the operating cost. My memory may be wrong but I seem to remeber that in the last few years I flew them they had changed something in the number of cycles that were allowed on some components and it drove the operating cost thru the roof
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