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  1. You type well for a guy with really big hands. It is ironic that people who have never had staffing responsibilities hold a grudge, which is the poorest quality in a hiring manager, against a guy who has purposely hired more low time pilots to help their careers for them and the sake of industry than anyone else I've met in three decades. So let me tell you creampuffs this: we know who you are, this industry is small, and your ignorant rants will follow you like you crapped your pants at an interview. Funny thing is, even if people agree with you, nobody wants to hire a punk.
  2. Rare courage on a forum diseased with gas lighting cowards, and poor ones at that.
  3. Shaking or perhaps laughing, he sold the company for much more than it was worth. Now part of the current ownership lost a bundle in the stock market and they have to operate with cash on hand, in April...
  4. Now not to sound like a lawyer, what with all the scientific comments here, but this is a puny class action suit against a company who's exact product is still tested and approved for use throughout the world and...it's no longer under patent so it's appearing as a lot of other products. Now who exactly made you sick? Which formulation? Some states banned it, Wallmart dropped roundup, it's not enough to base a lawsuit on. Spraying the latest roundup knock-off into wind burning your dandelions to the ground without a mask on against the label directions, available at Home Hardware? Yes there w
  5. I heard that also, but if you're talking about Universal, JSfirm just advertised on this site for them, pilots and engineers, four days ago. May have laid off the person who cancels that...
  6. Talked to TC last week on Thursday, most of whom just got the necessary set-up to work from home, and they said if your medical had already expired rather than it's going to during this period, they is no chance of renewal prior to the possibility of their returning to work end of May at the earliest to process (if you get a CAT 1 appointment at all). Your license is invalid in the interim, only currently valid medicals due to expire qualify for the extension. Not sure of the exact date this came into force, but was certainly the case last week.
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