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  1. I heard this through the grapevine. Any truth to it?
  2. For those that see the need to single out certain individuals in this post and this forum in general, maybe have some empathy for your fellow human beings! It’s easy to sit on your high horse and throw darts, but would you throw those darts if you were face to face with these individuals? I know these individuals well through many years in the industry. Have I seen eye to eye with them on everything through that time? Absolutely not! However, I’ve never felt the need to publicly humiliate them and harass them. Compassion is in short supply these days. I wish everyone the best through these trying times.
  3. I received a Class 1 medical on Monday. ECG was done today. My medical had expired and was not eligible for the extension TC is granting. I spoke with Transport last week and they are still processing medicals. Its trying to find a Doctor to see you that is the problem.
  4. Tundra did shutdown for a few years but Steve has been operating Tundra from Dease Lake and Watson Lake for quite a few years...unless he has recently shut the doors again.
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