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  1. And how about balancing an Astar tail rotor assembly? What tricks d you guys have? I've had them done in just a handful of runs and some others up in the late tens… Things that you guys look for in the ones that are giving a hard time balancing?
  2. I’m all about Ventripoint. Canadian company that’s going to change the way heart scans are done. VPT.V
  3. Nice reply, it makes sense that they wouldn’t let anyone work there without a visa. How about work for a USA company that operates abroad, ie Erikson skycrane. Would still need a visa if the aircraft are in the other side of the world? Anyone knows how Canadian companies like Coulson do it? I know they have US citizens as A&P’s, but surely they have Canadians too!
  4. Can a Canadian Ame work for an American company without having a visa, if it’s doing US tours?
  5. Yes I heard PNG could be good depending on company/location? Is the money that good though to go that far? anyone with experience in the Middle East or Africa?
  6. I'm sure many Canadian AME's in this forum have overseas experience. Europe is out of the question because of lengthy licensing conversion (if anyone has done the exams please fill me in). My question is, where is a good place to go as a Canadian licensed AME with decent tours and fair wage? the Emirates? Africa? PNG?? Thanks EDIT: I understand the current world situation with Covid, but this is for a longer term plan.
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