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  1. You just need an engineer who won't lose his mind with it. Get it done with a ruler and a pull-scale. I put some stock in being sure it's OK, but (full disclosure) I'm the one who does the approving. In the past, I was fine with an annotated photo and a pull-test before getting the certificate. Who's put you through the ringer on that?
  2. Is it really cost-prohibitive to properly attach something if you want it above/beside the glareshield? A mount doesn't have to be big or heavy, but I'd rather it's not going to come loose in a hard landing. If you keep it low on the console it doesn't affect vision either. Depends on what you're mounting, of course, if you want it there or not. If you haven't talked to a licensed mechanic about your placement and mounting, you won't really know if you have a good idea or a projectile.
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