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  1. Great advice. Thank you. I went out there this evening and made sure I could remove the filler cap. It just needed a lot of force down and a turn of the base about 1/4 turn CCW.
  2. Thank you, SwingWing. That's what I was looking for.
  3. Thank you, DGP. I'd not considered rocking the transmission. It makes a lot of sense, as it can be at any random angle when checking. The instructor may have gone over that in the initial training for the 206, but I don't think so. Thanks to the contributors above, I won't attempt to add any oil to the transmission unless I just can't get any to show in the sight glass, when hot, and while rocking if necessary. Based on five years with it, I don't expect to. That's great advice about the hose, too. I'm going to see whether I can procure replacement parts (to give to the A&P) for that hose. It is pretty old. Just to put wrap it up, I gather everyone agrees that pushing on the small "button" and turning CCW is the answer I was looking for. I did try pushing, pulling, and turning both ways, but there doesn't seem to be any purchase. It just turns and turns without any loosening. By the way, I do have the IPB and all the maintenance manuals, and checked there first. There is no special procedure given.
  4. Thanks for your reply, GregJ. I'll try again with the pushing and turning. Just want to be able to add oil if I ever find I need to. You're right, though. It is actually on the dot right after shutdown. It just got out of an annual; so I didn't expect it to be low. Everyone else rest assured I've given your comments all the attention they deserve.
  5. I’m an owner, and I need help with the filler cap for the MR transmission. It is yellow with a button on top and a chain. How the heck do you remove it? The maintenance manual doesn’t say will post pic later.
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