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  1. Great advice. Thank you. I went out there this evening and made sure I could remove the filler cap. It just needed a lot of force down and a turn of the base about 1/4 turn CCW.
  2. Thank you, SwingWing. That's what I was looking for.
  3. Thank you, DGP. I'd not considered rocking the transmission. It makes a lot of sense, as it can be at any random angle when checking. The instructor may have gone over that in the initial training for the 206, but I don't think so. Thanks to the contributors above, I won't attempt to add any oil to the transmission unless I just can't get any to show in the sight glass, when hot, and while rocking if necessary. Based on five years with it, I don't expect to. That's great advice about the hose, too. I'm going to see whether I can procure replacement parts (to give to the A&P) for
  4. Thanks for your reply, GregJ. I'll try again with the pushing and turning. Just want to be able to add oil if I ever find I need to. You're right, though. It is actually on the dot right after shutdown. It just got out of an annual; so I didn't expect it to be low. Everyone else rest assured I've given your comments all the attention they deserve.
  5. I’m an owner, and I need help with the filler cap for the MR transmission. It is yellow with a button on top and a chain. How the heck do you remove it? The maintenance manual doesn’t say will post pic later.
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