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  1. Ah wow right on! That would be a huge sigh of relief if it only took them two weeks. **** even 3 weeks and I will be happy. #### of it is Ive had my dang verification request submitted since March 2nd, but only found out this morning the application was corrupted somehow and has just been sitting idle with zero attention. Of course those ding dongs dont care enough to contact you to inform you instead here I was thinking all along it was being processed. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Right on thanks! I took the CCH today without the letter, they didnt need it for the test thankfully.
  3. I searched this first and info was pretty dated.. For those of you who have done the FAA CCH conversion, how long did it take the FAA to go through their foreign verification process? Their website says 45-90 days which is asinine. I emailed TC myself and got a verification letter within hours but the FAA wont accept that from me, they have to do it their way and supposedly it takes 45-90 days. Has anybody recently gone through this, in the last year or so? Any feedback on how long it took them to get your verification letter? I have work starting in a few weeks down there so kinda
  4. Yeah I did hear something similar to that effect from Hevilift. I need to line up some work either regardless of this stupid plandemic ya know! Hoping Australia goes bonkers
  5. Yeah cheers man! I reckon they'll get a flood of CV's!
  6. Anybody having any luck finding work down under? Or Anywhere else for that matter? Seen a few PNG ads here and there but they are non responsive, or so it seems. Just curious what everyones able to find in these messed up times were living in..
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