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  1. Falcon Aviation looks indeed pretty attractive as well. Their minimum requirement seems to be slightly higher than Abu Dhabi Aviation in terms of hours though. I wanted to reach out to them by email to look for info but didn't want to look like a tire kicker and burn my name with those companies. From what I'm gathering here it seems that this is a pretty common way to get info so I'll definitely reach out to them. Again, thanks for your guidance and tips.
  2. Precisely the type of info I was looking for. Many thanks my friend.
  3. The timeline I'm looking into will be around summer of 2022 so the situation will more than likely have change by then (hopefully). I've browsed through the EASA website to gather as much info possible and haven't found a clear-cut answer to how we can credit foreign ATPL-H license. Here's what I got from the Article 8 of the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1178/2011of 3 November 2011 (Link): "Conditions for the acceptance of licenses from third countries 1. Without prejudice to Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 and where there are no agreements concluded b
  4. Hey guys/gals, I'm an active CH-146 pilot in the RCAF and I'm just about to finish my ATPL-H rating (doing INRAT in two weeks). Being in the military, my civilian licensing knowledge is pretty slim except for what I read for my HARON exam. So I'm wondering, once you have the license, do you get any sort of credits when applying for an ATPL-H over in Europe or in the Middle East, etc.? I'm finding stuff online but like any federal aviation website, it's pretty hard to find precisely what I'm looking for. I'm really interested in hearing from your experiences and tips. On the same note
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