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  1. Hello everyone, I know this topic has been discussed a bit in the past, but with the posts being a few years old, I was wondering if more people have had a chance to try the Northwall helmet and what their thoughts were on comfort and sizing when compared to the Gallet. Going to be dropping a fair amount of change for a helmet in the near future and want to try and make the most informed decision. For reference my head sizing is 56 cm so I'm right on the edge of the charts between the two sizes, so if anyone also has any experience with sizing up/ down that would be much appreciated as we
  2. Hello all, This forum has been great in providing a wealth of information on many topics and I thought I'd finally wade in and would like to get your 2 cents from people within the industry on this particular topic. In my research and discussions with various operators, it's become clear that there's very little opportunity in the form of company training programs to help develop 100 hour pilots towards that 1000 hour goal. A few Cp's who took the time to speak in-depth with me had lamented the fact that most of the industry still shares the old school view of the 3 to 5 year ground crew
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