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  1. Stick your stand pipe over the end of the bung wrench for added leverage
  2. Blackmac: I’d like to thank you for bringing to light the elephant in the room....the mental health of the contributors to this thread. I was urged to commit suicide by no less than two posters (one said I should die twice!) after just two painfully sarcastic comments on an open opinion forum. Unfortunately this is characteristic of the bully culture all too prevalent in this industry. I fear for the mental health of these individuals, and hope there is a silver lining in bringing their inadvertent cries for help to the light. Thankfully you have come around to see thin
  3. You do know this is not YouTube right? And you’re not communicating directly with the pilot in the video right? Why don’t you fire up a messenger pigeon or some signal fires old man river.
  4. Shallow end of the gene pool pilot : So you agree with me then! Nobody will miss them. A bit harsh, but hey it’s your words not mine.
  5. I love that you think your username is ironic, when the most complex problem you could ever solve is how to find your little pecker in those greasy sweatpants as you sit parked across from your local elementary school.
  6. Seeing as everyone missed what I eluded to, and what 500driver backed me up on earlier....I will lay it out for all you ice-flow worthy geezers and visor-down-selfie dorks. Nobody has any context. They don’t know what the weather was like 5 min earlier. They don’t know what it even looks like at the time. Should he have left your precious loggers on the hill overnight in winter conditions? No doubt one of you muppets have already reported him to transport for getting his crew back to camp safely. This is what’s wrong with the industry. Not the odd pilot who fly’s when he sh
  7. My name is actually a reference to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book for 1962, but thanks for coming out.
  8. That’s a weird kink bro, but I’m glad you’re getting some fist time out of this. God knows your boyfriend is too busy elsewhere.
  9. pool pilot: I don’t know what’s more impressive....32 years accident free, or the fact you’ve been wearing depends that long.
  10. I’m not special (sarcasm) but you’re definitely the special cause of that cleft palate (no sarcasm).
  11. Seriously tho guys, let’s all have a safe cherry drying season. See you out there
  12. Big D? Must be more like Little D if you can’t muster up the courage to say no to a client. Dont worry we won’t work together, I don’t do scenic tours.
  13. 83 what is that the year you should have retired? Why don’t you continue on drooling in front of your daily Matlock re-runs and let us relevant folks have a conversation.
  14. “Oh the pressure, oh no, the pressure!” What are you so afraid of? guys like harmonic_dildo can tank a half dozen companies and still pull six figures. You scared of what telling a logger to f*ck off will do your career? you wanna fly? Fly. You don’t wanna fly? Don’t fly. Whatever you do grow a pair of nuts and stop blaming other people for why this industry is junk. Grab life by the horns and make something of it. p*ssy
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