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  1. OK, I bit. I looked at the data for the countries past 75% vaccination rates, namely Gibraltar, Malta, UAE, Portugal, Singapore, Qatar, and Cayman Islands. All of them are doing very well. Of the ones mentioned above that are actually ahead of Canada at 69.3%, Gibraltar's case rates are dropping and deaths are virtually zero, same for Iceland. The rest listed above are behind Canada on vaccination rates. Notably, a cursory look at other countries with large populations that are ahead of Canada, such as Spain and Denmark with 74% vax rates show dropping case rates and death rate
  2. Afternoon all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a way I can get an FAA instrument proficiency check done in BC? Need to have one to get my instrument rating Canadianised. Any FAA rated instructors around Okanagan to Lower Mainland? Not really feeling the vibe for a trip across the border right now.... Cheers, Grug
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