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  1. Air transportation safety investigation A19W0133 Collision with terrain Piper PA-18-150 Camrose, Alberta 27 September 2019 Class of investigation This is a class 5 investigation. https://www.bst-tsb.gc.ca/eng/enquetes-investigations/aviation/2019/a19w0133/a19w0133.html There was a report - TSB# A19W0133 - https://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/index.html
  2. It is not mentioned in the Global News story, that the RCMP helicopter, collided with an RCMP owned and controlled drone. It's almost as though they (MSM) were being deceptive; wanting readers to imagine that the drone may have been owned and controlled by protestors, and that it was an attempt to take out an RCMP helicopter. https://globalnews.ca/news/7040543/rcmp-helicopter-and-drone-collided-during-wetsuweten-protests-in-northern-b-c-tsb-report/
  3. RE: "TSB Report #A20P0019: C-GMPN, an Aerospatiale AS350-B3" This TSB Report is not listed on the TRANSPORTATION SAFETY BOARD OF CANADA - https://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/index.html I tried calling the TSB a few minutes ago, and no one answers the phone, not even when you choose option 3 to report an aircraft accident, or incident. The "New Normal"?
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