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  1. I agree, it could be snagged the duals by accident and by the time the pic reacted it was in the rhubarb. Sucks and a crappy incident. Aircraft are replaceable? People aren’t. It’s not the first time someone yanked dual controls by accident and won’t be the last if that is indeed what happened. Other than that other speculation would lead to flight control failure of some sort. It will be interesting to see what is official in the official release nonetheless.
  2. That attitude won’t die as long as this industry exists unfortunately. Giving voice to said A-holes (anonymously) with a forum like Vertical, inherently we’ll see those posts as long as the forums exist. It’ll never change. Enforcement of “true identity” in a public forum is much easier said than done, and besides the logistics, there’s also a dollar value to that idea. Forums are a place for constructive exchange on thoughts and ideas for the betterment of the members. If we all look at the content being produced outside of a vacuum of the original posts currently and see the
  3. I don’t think the forums are doing much good at all these days. I took a several year hiatus from here and after a brief return and review of forum content in my absence I 💯% agree with mike. The forums being taken down would do the community / industry more good than it currently / rarely contributes these days. Perhaps public forum has outlived it’s generational use. It should be shut down and that is a shame, Skies magazine has no forum, and for good reason.....
  4. I think you’re right, tragic for all involved
  5. I saw the hangar a few years ago all painted Aurora green. I was passing through town and took a trip up the hill just for grins and a trip down memory lane. Who else was in there other than Aurora after sunrise?
  6. I guess you’re talking about that graveyard north of Tucson. Been there for the tour,
  7. I did and it’s unclear, they’re still registered under a post office and two registrations that are recently cancelled are on TC’s website. The business looks active just very scaled back. I guess I should have started a new thread. I didn’t intend to necro anything I searched the business in the forum it came up I didn’t look at the date, my apologies.
  8. There’s a place that tries to hire ames locally in Arizona over A&P’s? Wtf
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