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  1. Depends how long licensed, full time, contract, away from base or in hangar. Contract field rate for an experienced guy 550-600/ day plus flight pay and per diem is fair. Flight pay is all jacked up all over the country right now. 35 for 206 and 45-50 for 407/350 is fair. Some operators average flight pay while others guarantee mins plus and some just go by the flight ticket numbers straight up. Hope this helps.
  2. A prm should not be in the field being chased by grizzlies lol
  3. There’s a big difference between discussing reality and being an Eeyore.
  4. I like how all the different stories are all too familiar. It’s a great thread 😁
  5. No guns, just financial responsibilities for those that do this to actually provide for themselves and their families.
  6. I haven’t seen one legitimately honoured in Canada in 15 years
  7. Ya that mentality still lives on. We’ve all taken a bite of a #### sandwich that was subbed in for our dangled carrots. Well I have about as much appetite for carrots as I do the sandwich these days lol
  8. I do too, I’m surprised one hasn’t been made earlier on this subject.
  9. So essentially constructive but not constructive dismissal lol
  10. I don’t see any complaints, just some hard knocks that are all too familiar to most of us.
  11. Na just sharing experience. This crap happens lots, been doing this a very long time, it’s just a cultural thing in Canada
  12. Gross, been in something similar as well. 🇨🇦
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