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  1. Depends how long licensed, full time, contract, away from base or in hangar. Contract field rate for an experienced guy 550-600/ day plus flight pay and per diem is fair. Flight pay is all jacked up all over the country right now. 35 for 206 and 45-50 for 407/350 is fair. Some operators average flight pay while others guarantee mins plus and some just go by the flight ticket numbers straight up. Hope this helps.
  2. A prm should not be in the field being chased by grizzlies lol
  3. There’s a big difference between discussing reality and being an Eeyore.
  4. I like how all the different stories are all too familiar. It’s a great thread 😁
  5. No guns, just financial responsibilities for those that do this to actually provide for themselves and their families.
  6. I haven’t seen one legitimately honoured in Canada in 15 years
  7. Ya that mentality still lives on. We’ve all taken a bite of a #### sandwich that was subbed in for our dangled carrots. Well I have about as much appetite for carrots as I do the sandwich these days lol
  8. I do too, I’m surprised one hasn’t been made earlier on this subject.
  9. So essentially constructive but not constructive dismissal lol
  10. I don’t see any complaints, just some hard knocks that are all too familiar to most of us.
  11. Na just sharing experience. This crap happens lots, been doing this a very long time, it’s just a cultural thing in Canada
  12. Gross, been in something similar as well. 🇨🇦
  13. First time (definitely not the last) was for a 205 carrot that was to be conducted in spring as part of my (verbal arrangement) with management in conjunction with the rate and flight pay I agreed to. Then it was pushed back to mid summer when there’s a machine available because fires and we’re too busy, then let’s just do it in the fall, then laid off due to lack of work, go figure. They got me good, worked me hard all summer then threw me out like garbage in the fall. 100% premeditated and it’s still something that happens pathetically enough in Canada. Several lessons here, I wa
  14. I’ve been there, I think we all have, what a horrible industry lol
  15. Ahhh the old “end of season endorsement” eh! LOL 🚩
  16. Sad but true, wasn’t always that way in Canada. It’s a sad state of affairs, and has been for more than ten years as someone else said
  17. That would be good, looks like monsoon season is starting in Alberta / Saskatchewan . Lots of water needs to go before then. Ten day forecast calling for rain in most of alberta Saskatchewan, it’s now heading into late June.
  18. That’s a little different, that’s humanitarian aid vs an employer actually caring about an employee.
  19. I know and worked for a few companies like the one you described (and I’m sure I know the one you’re talking about). Some are no longer in existence thankfully. I never understood the pitting maintenance against pilot staff attitude either, it’s sick. There’s also the pitting pilots against pilots and ames against ames that was at a couple of the aforementioned companies, that I do understand but vehemently disagree with. The only reason management did that was to get more out of pilots and more out of ames for less $$$$ at the cost of creating a poison workplace (ames and pilots payi
  20. That’s because everyone has left. The pool of aircrew is drying up and everyone knows it. Agreed, it’s usually a thankless industry
  21. It’s wet all over. If Things aren’t lit in the next 2-3 weeks, history repeating itself is fairly likely. That said Mother Nature has been pretty ridiculous this year
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