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  1. From the last CBA. FYI on captain salary at Ornge
  2. If you see a job paying even half that for winery tours let me know! My dad was paid more flying in the 80s than most jobs pay now. Pretty sad
  3. I'm going to piss some people off saying this but here goes anyways. Isn't this half the problem? This is the same thing I hear from 80 percent of the operators I drop in on... "why did you waste 100k on flight school..." "why didn't you get a fixed wing license" "you have no idea how terrible this job is..." etc. And then everyone complains there is a pilot shortage after they discouraged everyone and in some cases (wont name the operator but I'm sure many low time people know who) even laughed at and insulted the pilots trying to find jobs. I'm not saying that's what's h
  4. Thought about it but I like the real flying of helicopters. Fixed wing is too much sitting and watching for me. Might end up there but would rather stick this heli stuff out for now
  5. Appreciate people brining this up. As a low time guy getting 30 hours a season and paying for another 20 hours, with no mentorship type programs I'm going to be retirement age before I meet the minimums. Low time guys have no pull with these agencies so it means a lot that experienced pilots are taking an interest in this.
  6. Flew with him over the summer. Absolutely great guy
  7. Super old topic but I'm looking for a 500c manual if anyone has the pdf. I could only find the 500e online Appreciate the help!
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