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  1. I can stand for myself and it is not pool pilots account. But this is starting to get dumber and dumber. I am leaving this site. Does not have any value for me or anybody else. Simpleton (your name says it all) good luck and hope you will have a prosperous life. Stay positive and feel good about yourself.
  2. If you dont have anything better to say, please dont comment. Not everybody is as good as you in everything. You dont do anything other then whine and complain so………. Peace
  3. Please, dont butcher a poem not meant for this and try to be respectful. There are so many other things the Gov do that you could fight agains but its not effecting you you think. You should come on the streets to demonstrate against the misuse of taxpayers money when the Gov has spent 15 Billions on a failed pay system for Gov workers. Or 25 Billion on a fail pipe line. Or Billions on not giving natives clean drinking water. The list goes on, but where were you? Oh, I have been on the frontline of each of this
  4. The funny part is that I have not lost anybody of my "friends" and family being vaxed or not vaxed. What does that make me? Civilised? I am just saying, ask 10 people a question and you will get 12 different answers. I do respect you for your stand on this and some points i agree of some of what you say but………. Censorship is bad but misinformation is worse. Stay safe and enjoy your retirement Mr
  5. In one of my post you said you did not try to convince or preach but this starting to be like a religious rant. I asked you where you came from since you are so against the vaccine and you said: do your reacher. I have but I could not find you mentioned anywhere. So I ask again, please enlighten me regarding why you went out so far? I have many "friends" that dont want the vaccine and I ask them the same question and I 99% of the time get and answer that make sense. NON of this so-called friends of mine start to "rant" as you. 47G, its time you accept that we all have differe
  6. Twin, I think you shut them up. I really love how everybody has the answer without any form of science background.
  7. I asked for your stand and where you are coming from. But if you don't know or don't want to answer, I do respect that. Its your right and privilege. Good luck
  8. 47G, you cant handle the truth (movie quote) I don't really care for your rhetoric but you are allowed your opinion. I am curious what made you go down this rabbit hole when there is so many other "challenge's" in life? You know that the 10 richest in USA got 400 billion richer in 2021? Did you know that the government (Harper and Taurd) have spent 15 Billion on a failed pay system for government employees? I can go on and on but your chose this? Please enlighten me and not with cutouts from fake and even faker media, but your honest take on this!
  9. 47G, you are living in your own world. No use to talk with you. You don't understand that we all, yes all of us have a choice and some has made the wrong one in your opinion. You have made this to your full time job and I really hope you get paid for it now that CERB is gone. Good luck in your fight against the vaccinated, I am starting to fade out, must be all the vaccines I have gotten. NH out.
  10. I have been following this tread since it was cast up on us all and I have been wondering what the purpose for this tread is? Standing on a #### pile and throwing on the other side does not make you smart or dumb, just not respectful. Negatives and truth is in the eyes of the beholder and nobody can change that. Yes, you dont want a protective drug that might or might not reduce the risk of getting severely ill, thats your choice. That employers have asked you to be vaccinated is for the comfort of the people that you will work around. Nothing more or less. I grew up in a
  11. You did not read what I wrote I see. I said: we all have the choice to choose, but there is consequences. You can choose to speed on the hwy but if police catch you, you get a ticket. Simple as that
  12. https://ec.europa.eu/research-and-innovation/en/horizon-magazine/five-things-you-need-know-about-mrna-vaccine-safety This is enough. Either you get the vaccine or not. Whatever you do there is consequences for all choices in life. That something we have to live with.
  13. https://globalnews.ca/news/8741434/sayward-bc-helicopter-crash-pilot-killed/ RIP
  14. I have a 250 and just put in my A20 in the helmet and how nice was that. Have CEP but have not tried that in combination. Need to get the moulded earplugs. Installation was easy (if you are handy) and works perfectly Good luck
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