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  1. This means that 1,000 Nm are applied to both hubs. The agility of the control around the longitudinal axis is the same as with the normal rotor.Since there are lamellas in front of the sheath flow inlet, it is obvious to modify one of them in order to influence the negative pressure as a percentage. And so the question of unnecessary pitch is answered. The control pressure can therefore be precisely determined with the asymmetrical suspension. So the selection of Tieblinge and differential crown gears is just an easy task. Greetings Peter Türr
  2. Hi Guys I really like to have a look at this forum. The problem analysis from all of you is always very interesting. And thus the conclusions that can be drawn from the normal rotor system.Since I am working on a different rotor system that is surrounded by a sheath current and no more variable pitch adjustment is required, your communications with each other are very helpful. Since a previously defined angle of attack is used that matches the torque curve of the drive unit and the 1 - 2 second delay time is negligible, vibrations and superimpositions will appear very little. The pre
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