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  1. For better clarity, it may help by seperating the title PRM into two specific titles relative to the function and pay range the titles command. PRMC (Person Responsible for Maintenace Control) - applicable to Operator only, controls maintenance scheduling, monitoring, liason to AMO etc on behalf of the operator. $72,000 is a decent salary for the position for a small to medium fleet. This would also depend on expectations of working hours, and or if able to partially be done remotely. PRM (Can also be referred to as DOM) - applicable to stand alone AMO's or operators which have their
  2. I did their CASO course last winter online. The instructor and the content was very good. Very relatable and easy to ask questions etc. I would assume their QA and SMS course would be worthwhile as well.
  3. Thanks Ray. I will give them a call tomorrow. Cheers
  4. As the title states, looking to purchase the stationary mag pickup up mounting bracket and interuptor for use on an AS350 for MR track and Balance. Unfortunately we are still using an old 177. Seems ours has been lost, and I've had no luck tracking one down online or otherwise yet. Any direction or suggestion of where I can find these parts or part numbers as well, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, JJ.
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