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  1. A natural "carrot" in the form of a weather forecast predicting whiskey clouds...6 hrs later...don't fall for the whiskey clouds! ....umffff and training bonds
  2. I bumped into Don Wederfort a few weeks back...still kicking, still flying and still a stand-up guy!
  3. You are correct. But it's 250 PIC. I assume most have around 500TT when they get their instructor rating in Canada.
  4. I agree that Canadian Jobs for Canadians first, but you have to give credit, where credit is due...I wouldn't have the minerals to instruct right after flight school. At the end of the day, flying is really the art of aiming at the ground and missing it. Most of those FAA instructors only end up doing instructing or EMS in Canada anyway...let them have it. Flying with two in the cockpit seems natural to them. Aussies, Kiwis and Sarfies are the ones in remote camps...all speak good English, and I have yet to meet one whose ego precedes them. Work their *** off. And they are always the ones who
  5. It is unfortunate, but I agree. I switched to US work a couple of years ago. I was reading just last night that Heli-ski is on the cusp of dying out too, most of Europe has since killed all Heliski work due to Carbon emissions. Thanks Greta! But then again, with the crisis in Ukraine, work in the oil patch may increase, as CM119 said, thriving on Disaster. There was a time the Canadian Helo licence was a world-wide ticket. Those days are gone. Now even Africa postings requires EASA.
  6. Uuuggghhh, thats like a factory, unionised job, same routes, flying minimal hours to boot. Not a bad thing at all, if that's your personality trait. And as the topic says..."Why didn't I listen"...grass isn't always greener on the other side, the grass is sometimes greener where you water and nourish it. Fixed wing isn't a bad way to go. Aviation is aviation. Helicopters are just awesomeness. I'm not knocking Helo IFR or FW at all. If that's your end destination, remember to enjoy the journey getting there. Dont contemplate Helo IFR until 2000hrs or so. Alot of tricks to lear
  7. Now that's flying a Helicopter like a Helicopter!!! Steady hands and knowing the dimensions, not just the limitations of the machine. Slope landings of 10 degrees or less...pffftttt!
  8. And back to the old saying..."How do you make a million dollars in the helicopter industry?..." I'll let the experienced finish the saying...a machine just sitting still costs money...like a car sitting in storage...not being used can be harmful unless it had been properly put to bed for a while. What's the point of having a car if you don't drive it...same with a Helicopter...
  9. I always joked when people would ask me about the cost of a Helicopter I was flying, and after breaking it down to them on an cost per hour, I re-iterated the fact that the cheapest component of the helicopter was the pilot.
  10. Depends on who you listen to and at what point in your career... "Get yer IFR"...what a dream killer. Talk about taking the fun out of flying helo's.
  11. Absolutely agree with you Sir! That’s what Lawyers do! Law is black and white, but operated 99% of the time in the grey area. The point of this post, is to not agree with flying impaired, but that Law’s need to be updated with the modern times and information coming to light in these modern times. Laws are created for the “lowest common denominator”. We all know not to drive thru a school zone like a mad-man. But Russell drives thru, mows down 4 kids, and hence, the 40 km/hr speed limit. Thanks Russell! I don’t use the term “Common Sense”, but logic. Alcohol can be syno
  12. And when you try do the responsible and professional thing...an AME at ORNGE https://www.hrreporter.com/employment-law/news/employers-ban-on-medical-cannabis-discriminatory-arbitrator/363481
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