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  1. Thank you for your reply, Gerry. I had indeed seen this excellent article by Kenneth Swartz and remember hearing my father talk about Bernard Sznycer with admiration as I was growing up. When I was newly married and moved to New York City with my husband, my father introduced us to Bernard and his wife Katherine Sergeva and they became dear friends of ours. Interesting that my father and Al Souter's paths crossed while this helicopter was being tested and likely many times afterwards.
  2. I am trying to put together some information about my father's life in aviation and wonder whether anyone from this organization might remember him. He was Canadian pilot with early flying experience out of Roosevelt Field, Long Island during the 1930s, trained to become a helicopter pilot at Sheppard Field in 1945, was instrumental in integrating helicopters onto Canada's icebreakers, became Vice-President of Okanagan Helicopters and finished his career at Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1974. I know he had many American friends in the U.S. Coast Guard and through the Twirly Birds, and was a re
  3. When the Allouette first arrived in Canada, in 1958 I believe, my father, Jack Charleson, who was working for Okanagan Helicopters at the time, arranged for my two sisters and me to have a short ride. We had never been in a helicopter before and I think he wanted us to know first hand what all the fuss was about. I was about 12. He told my older sister afterwards that as soon as the helicopter lifted off with his three children aboard he realized that this might have been the most foolish thing he had ever done. He was very glad to see us back safely on the tarmac a few minutes later.
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