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  1. Amen skid... I'll miss you my good friend. Daren M.
  2. Only if you were one of the thousand monkeys that left it's typewriter to work on helicopters! :punk:
  3. It's really quite simple. If your strong enough to pull 250 lbs ft on a rotor head, or lift a turbine up to your fellow engineer (for example before all you bored people shoot my words down), then I don't care if your a monkey. If you can't, then fixed wing is more suited for you. All in all we love workin on aircraft, (the b**ches!). And helicopters is a bush breed in alot of cases. Let's just keep the people in the cockpit safe, they have family too. Back to you farts LOL!
  4. A few machines were or are DP's. Did he sell out too??
  5. As long as it keeps the sun reflection off the big watch, it's all good! :punk:
  6. Bailey Heli is sold. Hmmm I wonder what the future holds for them.
  7. True AR but what if there is more money from more production? The last company LT worked for saw 5 machines added in less than 7 months and all flyin the bag off. W'ell see. And to be honest I hope your wrong. It will be good for pilots, AMEs, to see the benefits of good management and wages. Whirly
  8. I hear that GM LT is raising the bar on wages, so don't be surprised if people start looking twice at GHI. If anyone can turn things around it will be him, record of previous employer (and what people thought of that company awhile ago) stands. Also hear they have or are getting a MD530 as well as a couple other newer intermediates. Another episode of of "As the rotor turns" Whirly :punk:
  9. Fleet Pay..... Nope. 6 machines up north, one engineer one very green apprentice.
  10. Hey buddy, Life is good down here. Your advise was excellent.

  11. Before we move on I thought I would just remind our dear friend Cap that he still owes L.T. for a carton of stogees. Hope the checks in the mail!!! :up:
  12. I guess that's why 3000 plus people who viewed this thread just proved your point Fen eh? Call it human nature. I get the feeling some people want this thread to be cut because of the "said" company.... hmmmmm.... :down:
  13. lol split :up: you forgot the depends though
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