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  1. Not real clear on this...The report I read on the banner page of this site indicated that TSB told reporters the training helicopter appeared to be come down on a bad angle....Then went on to say the licensed pilot did not have a lot of experience with just over 200 hours.... Who was being trained, the licensed pilot or was he/she doing the training? (No sharp objects my way now..) In any event.... Is a 200 hour pilot qualified to train???? No radio contact with harbor would seem to indicate...HUmmmm...NOPE! Very glad to hear no one was seriously injured...including people on the groun
  2. OK OK OK..mabey I was over stating things...,A little... Dont hang me...least not yet....KO..one of the best and there are many more out there who can and do do an excellent job. Its just that I have run into and worked with people who have recieved Mt. training at other schools...10 hrs courses in the foothills...I just dunno...YA know? Not that the number of hours means its a bad course....(phew)
  3. Please...Do not make the mistake of paying big bucks for the Mt. training at a place that just is a mill. Grinding out pilots that, for the most part, will leave with little or no additional information than with which they came. TRK..nope :down: ...Any school in Abby..nope...for your money and what you might look at as results...the only real training is at Penticton. Real Mt. pilots with REAL Mt. experieance and REAL abilities to pass on information. Just my thoughts though...I did my Mt training there and was humbled by the professional way the instuctors and staff handled all of us on cour
  4. 430 and the glass cockpit...took two days to work out the differences and now..gezzz..how did I get along without? yer gonna love 'em.
  5. To the family, may God be with him and his people. To my buddies at the company, my thoughts and prayers are with you folks.
  6. Good plan...MAy I suggest you ask them about the individial pieces thingy...I still think I got ripped....Yes..same place and like I said, the price of the lid itself was good..the people helpful and it only took a week or so to gte it to the border...I was pleased, until our side got involved.
  7. To answer your question, I would suggest calling a customes house and asking them.
  8. I have been told that safety equipment will not be hit with customs and duty. Howver, some time ago, last year actualy, I bought a new alpha eagle form a company in the USofA. Paid a fair price and was happy. When the lid arrived at the border it was held until I paid not only customs, but duty and other charges as well. No amount of pleading with the customs people would see the safety equipment released, until I paid the additional cost. Which drove the total cost up by over $300.00. I had to contact a broker and have them process the package, pay them then have it sent to me. This whole exe
  9. Hey...bonjour mon amie....may see you this weekend..looks like I am coming back. :punk: Fly safe
  10. Just rotated out from the fires in Northern Quebec. My duty time was up :down: . To those who have concerns with regards to working in Quebec, this may be of some assistance to you in making future decisions. Arrived in Northern Quebec with no idea what to expect in terms of language barriers (english being my first, and unfortunatly, only language and some will say I need work there as well). First thing I found out was..there arnt any barriers. The people I met and worked with in Quebec are, without exception, some of the most professional, talented and frendly people I have met anywh
  11. Thanx Cap. Situation here i the Peace country is as usual. She who knows these things is telling me that they are at fire 15 today here. All small and again, stupid stuff. But, hey, a harbinger for the season? Could be. :punk:
  12. I hear the folks of Southern Manitoba have hands full at this time. What with floods..followed closly by fires out of control...anyone know what the situation is? Only news I have is from the news...and we all know what that means.
  13. Ryan; I was also under that impression when I ordered the lid. However, it would appear that if you use a customs clearing house at the border, you must pay duty and taxes. Now, if a body were to drive across the line and pick one up, I dont kow how that would work. My fault for folowing the rules I guess. (are we being watched?) I have heard some companies will tag the unit as "repaired" but its kinda hard to justify when the unit is packed in bubble wrap and never been on anyones head. :shock: Anywhooo...As for the Alpha Eagle in the Astars, no problem..plenty of room and I am a fairly ta
  14. DoubleAlm, I bought it thru Interactive Safety out of the USofA. You can check the web site at www. interactive safety.com.... Landed at the broder with a price tag of $1800.00 CAD. Then I had to pay about $300.00 duty/GST. I asked why the duty on safety equipment and was told by our all knowing all seeing public servents that protect us from such evils as flight helmets without duty paid on them from entering this country, (if not murderers & drug dealers etal lineng up at the border) that if it had been a motercycle helmet or a helmet for snowboarding there would be no duty. But as the h
  15. Research has been done on this issue (as if it needs research). From what I can recall, the bottom line of the research paper stated that a full 80% of injuries/fatalities with regards to helicopter accidents, were head injuries. I cannot remember where that report is but I do believe it was done by some insurance body. In any event, (as they will say to the south) just axe yourself why all armed forces pilots in the world have them. Why those of us who are somewhat longer in the tooth do wear them for every flight. As was stated here prior "The bad thing is...You will only need it onc
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