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  1. I have done it once before....I came in downwind backwwards and inverted, it didnt go well
  2. Does anyone have a EC120 Mirror lying in the back of their hangar for sale or know where to buy one from? Airbus Canada dont have it on their product list any longer. Cheers Dan
  3. I have a Evo 252 with a Bose A20 installed and it's brilliant the fatigue levels after a long day flying are a lot better due to the noise reduction. I've been flying doors off in the 407 and it's been great no issues with the ANR dropping out however it can struggle at times when I'm in the 212 with the right hand side window down and the reverberations you can get through that. The audio quality is great when playing music and the Bluetooth phone calls are good also I've had it where people on the other end of the calls don't know I'm flying. The only down side to the older A20 I have fo
  4. Hi I have just got mine and used it for the past 3 weeks and I don't know why I didn't ditch my Gentex along time ago, I got the EVO 252 dual visor helmet and have been very pleased with it, I did get the wrong size, but as its shell is the same size for all their helmets it wasn't a problem and I just had to shave the nape insert down with a craft knife until it fitted properly it took me 5 mins. The only other small issue I had was my microphone, it worked fine in the 407 but when I jumped in the 212 it was unreadable so I had to put my old Gentex mic on it today and its been fine on both,
  5. I know of a guy who went and flew for a company there called Gulmarg heliski they were running a B3
  6. Give Otago Helicopters in New Zealand a call they have been doing this vertical reference liveline stuff for the past 10 or so years and may be able to help they will have all the appropriate SOP's. Its all Twin ops using BK117's could be worth a try??
  7. hahaha this post is funny obviously from one of the Airborne Energy Solutions lot that got the "shift" funny you don't mention how all the other stuff that went on with you lot arctic front. CBox if your keen I would recommend Pacific and they are not anti Canadian at all as we have a number of engineers, pilots and Management from up your way the engineers have had a very significant pay rise pretty much the best paid in PNG 6 figures Aussie dollars for 6 months work. Pacific run a varied fleet 6 212's 12 as350's 6 206;s and a lama. Having said that was talking to a mate at hevilift and th
  8. Try this link it should get you to all the aussie regs volume 1 to 4 http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2010C00851/Html/Volume_1
  9. HV Talking as a pilot who worked in Canada during 07/08 alot of us who came over from Australia,NZ and parts of Europe have now got over the age that it is possible to get the Reciprocal Working Holiday visa's and speaking for myself I now have got Married and have a kid so going away for 6 months isn't an option any more. The other big factor is PNG and Indonesia in this part of the world, its going off down here with alot of very large copper gold,coal,nickle projects and more oil and gas seismic than you can shake a stick at most of the pilots we have here (40+ here alone and we are only
  10. Helicanada have been looking for a helmet from tigerperformance as well but with the wireless set up did you find anything out about this at all? I just liked the fact you dont have any cords and from what I can figure out you can still make and recieve radio calls whilst outside the aircraft?
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