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  1. So I hear that CHL is going to a full contractor model for the staffing of the NWS aircraft, including making internal staff who want to work up there to quit - just like their Afghan model. Also hear that pay rates are down 30%. So - what are they paying for PICs and FOs - there must be pilots on this thread who have applied.
  2. Chief Pilot is Peter Cunnigton pcunnington@ornge.ca
  3. Heard a rumour that an operator put an aircraft into Contwoyto Lake .. truth? fiction? Anyone know? Anyone hurt? S/M
  4. Want to resurrect this a bit: Anyone out there using PLASTIC drums for drummed fuel? It seems there are some fuel caches down east with these drums. Personally, I've never seen or used plastic drums for Jet A. any special bonding issues? I know that these drums need to be certified per the TDG regs ... Feedback is welcome. S/M
  5. Well ... I believe that the initials of the new owners are: GC and JD. All the best to Grant ... S/Man
  6. There's no denying this can be done correctly, but.... http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/tdg/clear-part5-300.htm#sec512 Classes 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8 and 9 Dangerous Goods 5.12 Small Means of Containment Beginning on January 1, 2003, all small means of containment used to contain dangerous goods included in Class 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8 or 9 must be UN standardized means of containment. For small means of containment manufactured or marked in Canada, this is achieved by compliance with CGSB-43.146 or CGSB-43.150. These are the Canadian standards for UN means of containment for dangerous goods inClass 3, 4, 5
  7. I thought there was something in the TDG regs about reusing drums larger than 150L?
  8. HV - Might know some guys and might me interested myself ... What's the gig? SM
  9. So, when does Alpine's exemption expire?
  10. So, when does Alpine's exemption expire?
  11. Hola! Anybody out there have any info / confirmation that Bailey Helicopters suffered an engine failure in a Bell Long Ranger in the Fort Nelson area this week? There's nothing in the press about it. Heard the pilot did an incredible job saving the aircraft.... S/m
  12. Don't wait for job postings, if you are interested apply now. There are LOTS of pilots and AMEs in the queue so if you are interested, and qualified, apply! SM
  13. Looking for an electronic copy of the AS350-B3 RFM or training material. Doing some research for a client. Thanks
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