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  1. I see the RFP is out on Merx for the new light twins for Canadian Coast Guard ( has it really been 20 years since the last contract ). Any bets on who the front runners are ?.
  2. Thanks Cal . bit out of touch lately . Learning all about helix overcurrent faults and Ku Band black magic.
  3. Cool ,anyone got the full specs . Did not see a nightsun on the pic . Surprised they did not go for the belly pod much favoured in the UK. Good to see some of the money the government put into the program being used in Canada.
  4. http://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2009/08/23/is-your-skullcap-kosher/ Take care where you buy your skull cap :rolleyes:
  5. If they get some Lakota r and O work into their Alabama facility it should help grow the company . As far as Sikorsky remember that MBB in germany maintained and upgraded the CH53 fleet so there is already a relationship there . I wonder how it will affect Heli One with their shiny new hangar. Will EADS sell off some of the non Helo parts ( atlantic turbines ).
  6. Anyone expect any changes with the new owners ?.
  7. So anyone know when Standard Aero and Vector parties are ? I understand that Eurocopter one is not as easy to get into as it used to be (the one at Vegas must have broken the bank).
  8. Is there a better day to go , was thinking of flying down sat morning seeing the show on Sun and flying back Sun eve . What night are most of the receptions ?.
  9. Nollaig shona duit and Bliadhna Mhath Ur Blwyddyn Newydd Dda ALl the best to all in the industry ( from a current outsider ).
  10. I guess 53000 is flying in india , is that the first production version ?/
  11. Well it has been around 25 years since the 105's were ordered . I imagine they will be starting a selection process soon for replacements
  12. http://www.emilitarymanuals.com/apachehelicopter2.html If you have 12:95 spare , you could download these manuals . I bet they have some good block diagrams. Tha Apache , similar to the blackhawk , has a seperate module that includes the freewheel that is between the engine and the MGB input. See www.nsaero.com home page for a diagram of the apache face gear.
  13. http://www.aaib.gov.uk/cms_resources.cfm?f...2009_G-REDL.pdf Page 5 has a good diagram of puma. Last week I could have snagged a good one of the Apache , but all i have lrft now is the tee shirt
  14. Just saw on the news feed about the Unions objection to internal aux tanks as they make it harder to get out of the helicopter. Are external tanks available on S92 , what is the range without aux tanks.
  15. Disagree ,figure skating is more of a sport than synchro swimming , rhythmic gymnastics and small bore shooting all of which are included in the summer games. But to add some excitement they should allow body checking
  16. Detail InformationUser Name: Guest, Geoff Date: 2010-01-04 Further Action Required: Yes O.P.I.: Commercial & Business Aviation Narrative: London Air Services Ltd. Agusta AW139, registration C-FPSE enroute IFR from Tofino (CYAZ) to Victoria Harbour (Camel Point, CBF7) encountered icing conditions that required a descent to 5000' which was below the IFR minimum alititude of 7000'. Controllers treated the situation as an emergency and monitored the aircraft to ensure that the helicopter remained over water, clear of terrain. The aircraft was handed off to Seattle (
  17. Saw a report that the London air service 139 ran into icing. When do Stars take their first ? , as I recall a certified de icing system was high on their wish list.
  18. http://www.satellite-sightseer.com/id/1587 Maybe you can pick them out here. A large batch of the USMC H-3 were sold to India.
  19. Diffrence between Fx1 and Fx2 about 100 Shp. See HL site for more detail.
  20. Will the component TBO extensions apply to non TM engined helicopters ?. I may be wrong but as i recall the maintenence reserve for all the mechanical components is way below that of the engine. I assume it will be an ammendment to the limitations section of the MM.
  21. What happened to the Hogan Brothers ?
  22. http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=56&pagetype=76 This has links to many civil registers , you can search on some of them by rotorcraft and at least get the registered owners. http://www.rotorspot.nl/historic.htm I have found this useful for finding world info.
  23. http://zimmerair.com/# Are they the only company doing heli crop spraying in Ontario ?.
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