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  1. WTF, I don’t think EOS is linked to the flow fence. Here is a short description of the system: Electrical Overspeed Control (Engine model LTS101-700D-2 ONLY). The electrical overspeed controller is an airframe mounted unit. The control is set for 111 percent power turbine. When an overspeed is detected a solenoid operated Py air valve reduces fuel flow to a minimum value. Since the Py air valve is not “latched in”, Np speed will oscillate between trip speed and overspeed, if fuel flow is not reduced by the pilot or until the condition is remedied. A cockpit switch allows checking of the s
  2. Hello, We want to replace a U/S attitude indicator in an Astar. I had a look on the internet and found a digital one, with no moving parts (RCA 2600-3). They are sold around 2500 USD, which seems fair... if they are reliable, and can operate in cold weather ! They say -30 to +50. If some of you have some experience with this type of indicator, thanks to share it ! Fly safe
  3. Hello, Are you talking about flex couplings ? The ones between engines and main transmission ? The individual disks may be 330A54-0206-28, as on the Astar. The difference being the number of plates, depending on the power to transmit (Astar, Twinstar...) There are a lot of P/N's starting by 330 in the ECL 2009 price list. I don't know if they have everything in stock. Hope this helps, my Puma days are far behind ! Good luck
  4. We use the advanced version of AMS aircraft maintenance and inventory manager. I only worked with CALM and AMS so far, so I cannot compare with other systems. AMS is user friendly, and the database is located in one of your computers (company server or even a laptop if you are running a one-man-show !). You can set up any cycle, either written in the log-book, or calculated from existing cycles or air time, using an easy interface. The reports are generated on Microsoft Word, so you can transfer them from the base to anybody by e-mail. Speaking about reports, the status reports are not my
  5. It's also what amazed me in AMS program: You can create whatever cycle you want, starting from log-book entries ! Suppose Turbomeca decides to create a new cycle (call it Nx) on Arriel/Astar: Nx = (NG x 0.75) + NP/landings........ and so on. You can create it easily by using a calculator-like interface. Done in a matter of seconds, and you can modify it as easily! No more use of heavy Excel programs to calculate your RINs. I like it, and I can't wait for the next exotic cycle !!! :prop: :prop:
  6. We use Aircraft Maintenance Manager and Inventory Manager softwares, from Aircraft Maintenance Systems. so far, no problem with that. http://www.aircraftms.com/ :punk:
  7. I don't know much about syndicates, but I thought there was a minimum number of employees to start the process. (I don't mean volunteers, but total number of emplyees in the company). If yes, do they reach that minimum ?
  8. The military spend most of their time training. They have procedures for everything and they practise them even during the easiest flights. So even if it seems strange for us that they have 2 spotters to land on a big pad, I think the procedure becomes very valuable when it comes to land on an unknown confined area with night vision goggles that reduce your angle of vision. Both the spotter and the pilot know at that time that each one knows his job.
  9. Congrats, Cole, now it's serious business ! And when you seat behind a cyclic, never forget that: Love your machine, NEVER abuse it ! It will give you all that love back the day you most need it... An AME that wishes you the very best.
  10. Looks like feliks spelling
  11. Hello Be sure all bleed air are off when you do a power check. Heater / demist, sand filter (Eurocopter) must also be closed. You go to your first max continuous limit (TQ 83% for BA, 94% for B2, OR NG 98% for both). When you reach your first limit, take your readings, keeping altitude (3000 feet for example) First limit will be most likely NG in summer / high altitude, or TQ in winter / low alt. Make sure your bleed valve is closed. In winter, you may have to climb to close it. The 3rd limit is T4. But if you reach it during a P. check with an Arriel, I think you are in troub
  12. Hello, guys Thank you for sharing valuable information. Our operation can include frequent starts all the way to 3hour flights, depending on the contract. But when I think about it, the batteries I had to prematurely replace did their share of drum refueling. Even if we try to plug an APU when possible, it's not often the case in a fuel cache... I requested a quote for a capacity tester, but it's about the price of a new battery. As it does not cure but just gives you the information about the state of the battery, I didn't order one. As says ame206350, the only advantage could be an ear
  13. Hello We have 2 Astars equipped with Concorde batteries RG355, and it seems that they don't last as expected. I can say that we do our best not to abuse them, but I had to replace both of them after around 1 year of operation. I usually set my voltage regulators between 28.2 and 28.5V, as I did with NiCad. An AME said me that since he sets the output to 29V, he doesn't have problems any more with concorde batteries. Thank you to share your experience on that. Take care
  14. And the important question is: Which type AND color of vehicle ????????? Fill in the blanks: Preferred type __________ Preferred color __________
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