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  1. Really "understood" is what I meant - 2 beanie buildings taking place, I certainly apologize for raising any ire - not what was intended head been drawn back in shell.
  2. Understoon - building beanie in process.
  3. Not wanting to start any poo flinging, another question arises, if this was a smaller less "connected" company would the treatment and consequence have been the same? I know this will be pure speculation, is this a fore shadowing of the times to come with the governmental body directed to administer the laws seeming to have been held at bay?
  4. Even after reading .... can someone put that into layman's terms for me. Fred Jones you out there??
  5. Thank you, will commence reading.
  6. Can anyone shed confirmed light on to the outcome of Alpine Helicopters and the difficulties they were facing?
  7. That just plain old F!@#$^&g sucks. A tough time for family and friends, and this time of year just makes it a little more sensitive. God Bless.
  8. HV go for it. l do not have time at this point to go into a lengthy diatribe of history, however back when TC was first trying to implement SMS I was privvy to the panel and advised at that time that 702 and 703 certainly had very different defining requirements than 704 and 705. Those whom are in 704 and 705 have a very difficult time in understanding the 702 and 703 world for some it is a stretch for the beavers and otters and when it comes to helicopters, well that is like from another planet. Try to educate a high time long distance heavy tube driver of the decision making required of a
  9. Most sincere condolences to Linda and the Black Swan Family.
  10. Was that a complete sale or a partial sale, let's say offshore retained domestic charter sold?
  11. Would anyone know why the WPS is once again looking for a CP - this appears to be the 3rd advert. for people both line and CP pilots in the last 18 months or so?
  12. Heard a rumor today that NAS - Northern Air Support was purchased by Discovery Air. Not trying to spread but to validate. Has anyone heard of such a thing?
  13. Jullian, You are joking correct? Canadian is not the only operator out there whom gives a professional, respected and well balanced course. If you are not joking, please be careful, fly solo and good luck. Please take a moment to consider why mountain courses were invented. There were a lot of great aviators whom paid the price so the rest of us "nogs" could learn and survive. Please have a safe 2012, and at a minimum stay east of Calgary and West of Labrador and south of Baffin.
  14. Step one - a highly respected mountain course, Step two - experience in the mountains prior to adding the line, Step three - ability to use the longline effectively, Step four - Step 1 + Step 2 + Step 3. Enjoy.
  15. Being 11.11.11 a heartfelt thank you for doing what you do for the rest of us. Peace OTR
  16. Thank you all, I knew there would be some helpful info out there. Much appreciated.
  17. Does anybody recall what the actual weight of a set of fixed floats for a 206B is? Not in the supplements. Cannot find on line. Any help would be appreciated. OTR
  18. Any Cdn. Operators making the move for Greece?
  19. Don't forget about the supplement section of your AFM, rate of climb restrictions, doors off, how to read the charts, IGE, OGE etc. How to complete a weight and balance, critical wind azimuth, etc. The transport guys are human, and if you show you are trying they will help. Enjoy the interaction.
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