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  1. Thanks and good call. I just found that out as well. STC SH96-34. Good for reference just in case anyone wants to buy a deluxe kit like this for their machine.
  2. Thanks Birdman. I talked to Pete. he says he thinks he's seen it before but doesn't have a clue. I also bugged a couple of other guys at Airbus. I also emailed Dart and AAI to see if it was some obsolete kit.I haven't heard back yet. Thanks again. JR
  3. Hi all, I am in the process of trying to export this AS350 B2 but nowhere in the aircraft records does it say whose shoulder harness installation this is? Even the guys who re-webbed the belts don't know. Please let me know if you have any idea whose kit this might be. Only visible P/N is 700236-1. Thanks in advance. JR
  4. No licensed guy is making that little at CHL. Maybe with a brand new license and zero type courses...
  5. That's the word on the street but nothing official yet.
  6. I was talking with one of the senior training pilots for this same company. I was actually a little surprised to learn that they train full-on autos all the time. I assumed they didn't. I'm not a pilot but I know from working with plenty that each to a man feels better knowing they can take the machine safely right to the ground when an engine packs it in. Good on any operator who decides to take on a bit of extra financial risk to possibly save lives and equipment later on.
  7. The contract was written for the 429. Airbus didn't have a machine that met the specs the way it was written. I'm not sure their bid would even be accepted if it didn't meet the bid criteria. This happens all the time. A contract is written to exclude an operator, aircraft type etc.
  8. Those wages can't be right. We've had guys that are contractors there saying they are making $50/Hour. You are right Ray - if the fulltime AME's are making half that (which I doubt) - I'd expect some job action too. I suspect the info on Glassdoor is incorrect....or hope it is. :shock:
  9. Best wishes to all families and friends of those who were lost in this accident. Very sorry to hear this news. Everyone please fly and wrench safely.
  10. Same here across the airport. Swamped is right. ...5 more machines arriving by boat or truck in the next 30 days. Hope you get some time off to spend with your family Ray.
  11. I talked to them - sounds like only about $700.00 less per strap. They hope to increase its airworthiness limitation in the future. Not much savings there yet....and hopefully no AD coming down to change anything as far as the life limit goes. I was hoping they would offer a bit more for less but every little bit helps I guess.
  12. What the heck was a twinstar doing out on seismic? Short trips and no bags? ;-) Must have been water or a weird client requirement. Everything Ray says about the twin is pretty much right. Airframe is pretty much all AS350 so it`s nice that way. The electrical...well it`s like an old AS350 x 2. The newer 355N and NP have a bit better luck that way but the old F1`s especially - expect some electrical issues. The main mod to get (as with any 350 355) is to get tha crappy switch panel tossed and replaced with toggle switches. Even the new variety in the 355NP and 350B3 are total garba
  13. Depends on what your customers need more. Some aircraft don't have the option for any mods that improve lift so avionics are certainly a universal option. I like aircraft have the the right amount of jam right out of the box (i.e. I'll take an AS350B3 over an AS350FX2). Make the changes that will make you money. If you travel light and can sell an upgraded avionics package to get an advantage go for it. Of course I am assuming this is a commercial aircraft otherwise lift would probably not be a concern.
  14. This year was pretty crappy for most operators - so no I'd say recovery is still very much a work in progress.
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