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  1. yeah I'm starting to lean more and more onto the 100hr heli route. I might take the PPL course for a fixed wing first just to get some ground school outta the way, plus i like the idea of being able to fly to different places on my own when taking heli training, does it really matter if i train in the R22, R44 or the Bell 206?
  2. Hi all, I just discovered this forum and spent the last 2 hours reading the posts. so much awesome info in here Anyway, I was hoping all you vets who have gone through all the research, headache, etc of getting that CPL-H, to shower me with some more info. I have decided to get my CPL-H. There is no doubt in my mind that is what I want to do for my career. I'm 25, so I'm starting a bit late, but that's not gonna make me doubt my decision. I've been calling a few flight schools here in Calgary, (Calgary Flying Club, Springbank Air College, Big Horn Heli), and they each give their own suggestions. CFC and SBAC say that I should get my CPL in fixed wing first, as this is the most cost effective way. However, I know I want a career as a helicopter pilot, (flying fixed wing aircrafts just don't appeal to me), but I want to be as cost effective as possible. I have a mortgage to pay, and I don't have nearly enough saved up to pay $50-$60g. Should I get my fixed wing CPL first? when an employer looks at two candidates, one with 100hr of heli training, and the other with 60hr+fixed wing, would they just toss the 60hr heli out? What about getting a PPL fixed wing first? Would that bring down the costs for the CPL-H? Thanks for the help, appreciate it!
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