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  1. As mentioned a few times in this conversation, there are a lot of low time pilots and we have all been there. Its all about timing. I have had experience with LR and MVH, If you go to a school, it is nice to be taught by pilots/owners who work or have have many years working in the industry because they will teach you from operational experience not running a school experience. Which LR lacks. MVH has a standard across their instructors which is shown in pilots who have been working in the industry who went to that school. LR has the ENG contract which helps, but dont just base it on tha
  2. Pilot5 you figure the FAA atpl isn't as recognized as others?
  3. Zazu Good to hear your doing well and enjoying interior BC life. Im sure you wont miss the winter flying a chicken up here Take it easy B
  4. R22Cpt whats you doing up in ft nelson? no more ft smack? hope all is well
  5. I got my helmet from gibsons and barnes, they shipped it from the states because i got it painted, i think it costs an extra $100 or so, but double check, with our dollar much higher it is a better way to go if buying through the states
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