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  1. Good day out there. I am an AME thats been in the business for a while and am considering starting a company and going contract. So what I am hoping for is some of those who have been there to share their experience and perhaps offer some advice. what kind of company is best? Tax advantages? headaches? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just wondering how everyone is finding this season shaping up so far. Is anybody out there finding it very busy?
  3. It has been a long time coming and I am sure is yet to be some time. It will however bring a higher level of safety which I think we can all agree is a good thing. I find the older I get the more fatigue impacts me. By about 2am I'm not sure of anything I am doing.
  4. This is the reference I was looking for. Thankyou. Had a tech rep send me Open 350 ref which has a table #2 which gives L= 600mm or 23.6" and then paragraph 3.1.1 says L=10cm which matches splitvision ref. It would be nice if the mod instructions were more clear than "tighten to desired tension"
  5. Does anyone out there know of the correct procedure for how secure the blades using the eurocopter tie down kit 350-700414 with rods, ropes, and pulleys. The manual only covers the socks and ropes around skid gear. The chart says to pull the rope about 24" for the B3 which seems extreme. You read down a little further and it says 10mm if droop ring installed, which makes more sense. Eurocopter is telling me to pull tie down rope from snug-24" which on the nose tie down I dont think is physically possible and on the side ones would put one heck of a load on the blades. Just want t
  6. I am sure this is on here somewhere, but I will ask anyways. I am trying to find out the operating cost for a Bell 206 thank you Helidoug
  7. Thank you helidude. Some good information there but I notice that its all from 2009. So issues noted hopefully have been adressed. This is like buying a very expensive car without being able to really test drive it or even go to a dealership. I must say I like what is said about going paperless and 100% electronic. How is that working out to date? Thanks again for the reply
  8. I am looking for some solid information on AMS systems from anyone who knows them well. AMMS, CAlM, etc... So many options, so very expensive and so little information sometimes. Any help or direction to go in would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to PM me.
  9. Thats close to what I am getting for mediums, with multiple endorsements and over a decade of experience. Where do I sign up?????
  10. I am going to start with WOW REALLY your unable to find people? I have been in this business for about 14 years now. I have been very dismayed in the last year, during the "recession" that my wages have been cut by approx $150.00 per day, and there has been a daily reminder that there is a stack of hundreds of resumes on the DOM's desk of guys desperate for work. I also note that operators all want you to move to their hanger/company location for the job. Unfortunately my experience has been that moving in the spring for that permanent full time job can result in the winter layoff or sudden ch
  11. Can anyone tell me if these courses are for someone already in a QA position, or for someone wishing to move into a QA position?
  12. helidoug


    My mother used to tell me that if I have nothing nice to say, that I should not say anything at all.
  13. I recently discovered getting M2 rating takes much more than just a medium endorsement. You must get your ATA's signed out in your log book, just like M1 and apply to transport to have it added to your liscence. Its odd. I can sign out the 100hr inspection on a 212 but I have to have another AME sign my log book that I am capable of carrying out the task??
  14. thanks for the replies I appreciate the input. Not looking to make big bucks as I realize things are pretty slow. I'm sitting at home not hired yet so am very aware of lack of work these days. Just curious where rates are.
  15. Well I see threads like this popping up again so I might as well jump in with my own question. I might be going contract this season and am wondering what some of the contract rates for engineers are in these not so great times. I am 212 and A Star endorsed with lots of years in the business. I know that its up to each guy to make his own deal, so am just looking for ballpark figures. I cant help but think that it would be good to have a place where people could post what the going rates for pilots and engineers are. Anyone have any thoughts as to how we could do this? Anyways
  16. This HEPAC sounded like it was an excellent idea. does anyone know who it was that tried to start it? Perhaps the future is here.
  17. This appears to be somewhat of a touchy subject. I have been in this industry for about 14 years now and have worked for a couple of operators, during good times and bad. While I am not a big proponent of unions, I do not agree that they are just there to keep lazy, poor employees working. It is the responsibility of management to document and correctly retrain, or through progressive discipline straighten the employee out. It allows the employee a chance to rectify the situation and become a better more productive person. Should they choose not to get it together they can then be dismis
  18. That really is cool, thanks for sharing.
  19. Any engineers have any information about working over there? Pay, length of tours, etc...?
  20. Watched a sky crane flying snow on the news last night. There is no money for my kids softball league, our local hospital is slowly being shut down but I am watching them make the worlds most expensive snow.
  21. Thanks for the tip, but if I start asking for a helicopter she will probably just toss me to the curb.
  22. My wife wont let me buy a horse so I think a helicopter is definitely out of the question.
  23. Well I cant help but think that no one was killed or injured for that we should all be greatful, and hopefully insurance will help the operator\company to rebuild and replace that which was lost. I hope all those whose lives are affected by this come out of it ok.
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