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  1. Gee how I miss hearing that name. I remember OLV not a bad machine.
  2. Adrian Erikkson thats it thanks putz.
  3. Charlie came later, after it moved to Edmonton. But thanks though. Did you work for Peace?
  4. Does anyone out there remember the name of the guy who started Peace Helicopters. And is anyone from peace out there anymore. If you are Hello from Doug.
  5. This is a really good subject that as ame's we need to be giving more attention. I am about to do my first tour overseas and find myself lacking in alot of information. Liability insurance being part of it. I am also wonder about what happens if we get hurt working for companies outside of canada. I have generally always worked as a full time employee, but as more and more ame's go contract and as was said, lawsuits become more prevelent, we need to consider these things and find solutions. Years ago there was talk of an association being formed does anyone out there know what ever became of s
  6. I took a pay cut and while I really didnt have a choice I do accept it, I have now been laid off for a few weeks and must say that during these times I need to remember that having a job is better than sitting at home on ei. Companies are undercutting and the gov is cutting back. We have had a couple of horrible summers, so I am not overly surprised to see my cheque getting smaller. Should the autoworkers take a pay cut....absolutely. thats just my opinion
  7. I recently started taking an online course. I figure if I get an edumaction I might not have to be in this camp forever.
  8. thank you for the straight answers. It has been a sadly slow season, if I were living off flight pay I would be working for food by now. Its a tough choice of whether to go for the year round security of full time employment or the better money of being contract. Are many of the companies out there receptive to 2-3 week tours?
  9. Thank you 212, I have been working full time for a few years now, and havent been contract in a long time, so have no idea what the rates are. I appreciate your help.
  10. I have seen this topic brought up before and unfortunately never seen a straight answer. I have never posted on here before but find myself in a position of considering moving on from where I am. Please could someone please give me a straight answer on what kind of rates contract medium engineers are asking for. thanks in advance for your help.
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