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  1. 2 years of non stop corporate media and gov lying to our faces, treating us like fools and some folks are still drowning in the kool-aid. Not sure if there’s any saving these people. Lawyer Thomas Ren’s has some valuable US military data: Thank Canadian truckers for trying to save this country. Apparently they have more spine and critical thinking than your average boot licking Canadian.
  2. Wikipedia? Oh, please. They are a paid part of the establishment, who will slander anyone who goes against the narrative. PS- If someone is being discredited by being labelled "far right" or "racist" rather than actually countering the content of their message, you can bet they are probably saying something worth listening to.
  3. Has any of the communist vax pushers looked into why corona virus vaccines have never been approved for human use, or never made it past the animal trails for the last couple decades they've been trying? I suggest you look into it, they were tested on 3 different types of animals. Also, comparing this "vaccine" to previous vaccines that actually infer immunity, not just symptom reduction, is clearly not a valid comparison. Its just a common talking point fed to you by the TV.
  4. LOL so the apparatus to look for vaccine safety signals, VAERS, is suddenly "no longer valid" (IE the numbers are terrifying so we have to discredit it). Amazing how its been considered a valid source since 1991 until the covid vaccine came out. Since 1991 they have being saying 1-10% of adverse reactions get reported, so if anything its a drastic understatement of lack of vaccine safety. There has been more than 1 whistleblower on this issue. So where are we, and medical professionals,l supposed to be looking to for information on safety, and where are we supposed to be reporting adverse
  5. Not for long. Look at the countries ahead of us. Ironically, the countries slower to roll out vaccines were doing much better than high vax countries. Until shortly after the vax rollout then cases, followed by deaths start to climb rapidly. A short look into the history of corona virus vaccine testing, and why they have all failed to get approved for the past 50 years shows clearly whats happening here. ADE seems to be rearing its ugly head in Israel, England, Scotland etc. I wonder why Trudeau ordered booster shots thru 2025? And countries are spending billions on unified vax
  6. Has anyone spitting MSM talking points here bothered to look at data from countries ahead of us in the vaccination? Seems like a common sense thing to do, no? Israel, UK, Iceland, state of Hawaii, Gibitar? Etc Etc. Heres a hint, they are all doing worse (cases and hospitalizations) then before the vaccines even existed. Thats where Canada will be very shortly. And the brainiacs here will allow the TV to convince them that even though 85% of canadians are vaxxed, its the unvaccinated causing all the worlds problems🙄. You don't need to be a doctor, or even have a grade 3 education
  7. Thats one point of view I have never heard before, but its based on some pretty huge assumptions. I dont think you would be seeing it that way if the situation were reveresed. Imagine Iraq was the world superpower that invaded North America, came in and bombed, killed, raped (not to mention tortured) those closest to you. Women, children, everyone. Everything you have worked for in your whole life destroyed, civil war breaks out and your forced to join some kind of rebel gang for survival. Obviously this is impossible to imagine. And the reasoning for this was all for Iraqs intrests in yo
  8. Hitler-many countries dealed with him, long before americans got involved. And most text books (with the exception of american texts) argue that it was the Russians who brought WWII to an end not the US. Bin Laden-was armed and able to achieve power through american help, and he hates America, so Id say yes its mostly Americans responsibly to deal with him. The Taliban stated they were more than willing to give up Osama if America would provide them with evidence of his guilt, the FBI openly admitted it cant be proven. So the war began and countless innocent lives have been lost for this
  9. Starting onto a site as a labourer and working your way up, before you know it you'll have full benifits and being making decent money. "High paying" might not have been the right chioce of words but in comparison to aviation pay that Ive known/ heard of its pretty high paying. Now that being said it can often lead to school (which the companys often pay for). A freind of mine started out like that, he did end up going to school for a crane operators certificate, but doesnt even use it as hes making more money doing concrete pours ($90-100K/yr) which was all learned on the job. Not to men
  10. Id say most of what justanAME said is accurate, I don't know too many ame's making 100K a year unless they are working away from home for 3/4 of their lives or a rare few who acheived some high paying positions after 15+ years in industry. But still have to leave their families behind for 6 months of the year often which often seems to lead to having no family waiting for you when you do get home. Id say informing people about the industry they are considering entering is only fair. You can walk onto a construction site with a shovel and make $25/hr as a labourer with no schooling and that can
  11. Thanks for the replies. Picapart, by "dont fall off and read the books" I assume you meant don't fall off the helicopter ? And obviously read the manuals. Im looking forward to the experience. On a side note anyone know what type of tool bag/box would be best to bring into the bush? I was told most the guys out there use tool bags as opposed to boxes?
  12. I may be starting my first rotary wing apprenticeship experience with Canadian Air-Crane. Just wondering if anybody has any experience out there with them or knows anybody who has? How the company is to work for etc or any information at all? I realize the pay is well...frankly awful (I made more working on fixed wing in a heated hangar). But I am hoping that the learning experience might make up for that? Any honest input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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