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  1. 6 hours ago, DGP said:

     I think Bell also made a big mistake not using the C30 in the 505. That engine is bullet proof! What money was spent changing the already proven L4 engine and drive train over to some thing totally different. Seems strange! I don't see the 505 taking over for the 206.

    Far as I know, the 505 drivetrain is entirely L4, right down to the freewheel

  2. 19 hours ago, Heliian said:

    From CARS 527

    (a) This Chapter sets out airworthiness standards for the issue of type certificates and changes to those type certificates, for normal category rotorcraft with maximum mass (weights) of 3,175 kg (7,000 lbs.) or less and nine or less passenger seats.
    (amended 2009/12/01)

    Anything above this is Transport Category.  This does not vary by inspector.

    So 212 & 205 are both transport?

  3. Thanks marc, that was well put.

    I'm in ft mac so moving is definitely gonna happen. My main hesitation with DC is housing costs, and thats only because of the great family that I have in Calgary and Kelowna with open doors. With wife and 2 kids its hard to get much benifit from student housing.

    As far as Calgary VS Vernon goes, the drive up from Kelowna seems more sane than driving from one end of the Deerfoot to the other(which is what I'd be into in Calgary)


    All that said, my main priority is saving up now so cash isnt an added stress while trying to focus on school

  4. Heres another question... Sort of on topic:

    The NLC website says " Footwear having CSA safety-toe protection with soft soles for climbing on aircraft." ( http://www.nlc.bc.ca/programs/allprograms/aircraftmaintenanceengineeringbasictraining.aspx )


    I've never seen a work boot advertise "soft soles", what exactly should I be looking for here? Working on a concrete floor all day has to be a consideration too. What are you guys wearing?

  5. NLC is sure getting the votes. Vernon would work really good for me as well, my uncle had a room for me to stay in 45km away in Kelowna.

    Can anyone comment on the day to day/week to week work load?(regardless of what school) I'm just curious to know if I can add some part time work and income during the school year.

  6. Ya safe to say ICS is out. I guess it works if you are already I'm a work/employment situation.

    NLC seems to get the votes but situationally SAIT is pretty high on my list right now.


    My wife's sister is in Calgary(with a potential basement suite for us).

    Sait has a longer break between 1st and 2nd year(thought this was a negative but will give me time to return to my current job and save up for the second year, no loans ;) )

    Also close enuf to allow me to commute to work during the break.


    Regardless of what location I end up at, the plan is to start Jan2013 so saving/overtime/ketchup-on-bread starts now.

  7. I'm trying to decide on an ame program and need some input.

    My options seem to be:

    1. Sait, since I'm already living in Alberta, and have family in cow town

    2. NLC, Vernon, mainly cause it's been said on this forum that it's the best place for heli training.

    3. ICS, cheap and accessible but I'm worried about finding a job with only this training, comments?

    4. ??? Have I overlooked one in my searches?


    All opinions are welcome :) My main consern is finding good employment after the course, ICS is the easiest on the outset but will it limit my job options?


  8. Hi all,

    I've been lurking around this forum for quite a while,

    Basically, I want to fly helicopters and want to work as a commercial pilot...eventually.

    My other goals and family higher up right now and keep me from jump right into the industry, such as it is.


    If I start with a ppl in the near future and fly as I can, how will those accumulated hour be viewed when I get down the road looking for my first paid gig? Useless time making laps or another hour closer to keeping a insurance company happy?


    Thanks for your input

  9. Here is a list of free books online. This is a web site from Spain in Spanish but almost all the books are in English. I hope you like it!!




    Happy landings



    Very cool, the amazon kindle website had a lot too (no surprise)

    Great to see the pdf version are available from your site Phil, is "Cyclic & Collective" available as well?

  10. A few of us are going to be there... we're planning on doing some demo flights out of the downtown heliport with our EC135...


    The first 10 guys that PM me will receive one of our brochures with a ticket for a champagne tour over Calgary in leather-seated comfort... no rainchecks!!!




    Open to forum members with at least 10 posts only...


    full inbox.... I think Im too late

  11. OK.....think about that......would you want a kid with a new licence and ZERO experience teaching you how to fly? Or would you rather have someone with ALOT of experience teaching you to fly...


    do your homework. since I have left the teaching game for a sabbatical and have no affiliation with any school i can give you an honest recommendation. learn on a 47 and learn in the Fraser valley and you will do fine. There are two VERY good schools that fly the 47's in the valley. Visit both and make your decision.....


    good luck :)


    Im wondering if you could explain the reason for recommending learning on a 47? Im hoping to start training by next year but so far I've been putting more weight on the instructors rep than what type of machine is used. So Im curious to hear how a 47 would change my training experience and (of course) if it will help/effect my employability (I think thats a real word??)


    Thanks for your time,

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