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  1. ouch is right, I was just trying to consider the best option, -buy and a/c that has 400 hours left on it and add 100 hours then sell OR -buy a run out a/c, overhaul it, fly as much as I please and sell it without loosing too much money I don't have a CPL so it would be a training machine. Thanks for the info tho, greatly appreciated.
  2. Can anyone comment on how accurate this is for operating costs. I found this in this tread Im mostly wondering about fuel and maintainence costs for a R22 Thanks
  3. ok Thanks, I just have no idea so Im wondering if it's like 10 Gs or 100 Ill try making some calls tho
  4. Oh ya, do you know if they do rebuilds on site?
  5. I've been seriously thinking about getting a f/w CPL first. I started with the same reasoning, that I could save some money by buying a plane just to train on and then sell. But I've been rethinking that position, it might be smarter to finance a used R22 for training than a Cessna. Has anyone out there tried this approach?
  6. Can anyone give me a cost estimate to overhaul a 1984 r-22 that has "run out" Thanks Im clueless about this
  7. Haha I just got one of those from a Flying-J, I guess since it's the only machine I've flown it'll have to do as my favorite
  8. ya that's something I didn't think about, thanks a lot
  9. Im wondering if someone could shed some light on this for me. I'd like to know if a private license would allow one to fly his own machine in service for others? I don't imagine carrying passengers but flying solo, doing surveying or scouting work. Does it make a difference if the pilot is the owner of the helicopter(and the business) offering it's services? Sorry if this is a ridiculous question, Im too new to know any better. thanks
  10. WOW awesome advice, that's definitely getting saved onto my desktop
  11. ya that makes sense, thanks for the reply
  12. I realized how badly I hi-jacked this tread so I started a new one here Thanks for the response tho, I guess Im not really thinking of multiple endorsement types but just getting a turbine endorsement opposed to paying for a lot of turbine time. Please check out the new thread and let me know.
  13. QUOTE(heli206212 @ Jun 2 2007, 08:12 AM) * A Turbine Endorsement on a 206 is good, no need to do 20 hours. Save your money, it is the endorsement that counts. * this quote was taken from here. I don't want it to be taken out of context but didn't want to hi-jack that thread either. How many of you out there would agree with this. I had been thinking that 10-20 hrs. of turbine time was essential for my 1st 100 but now that statement has me thinking. I keep hearing "100hrs is 100hrs" so it seems more logical to get the CPL as cheaply as possible and then get what endorsements co
  14. This is a bit of a side note but.... How many of you out there would agree with this. I had been thinking that 10-20 hrs. of turbine time was essential for my 1st 100 but now that statement has me thinking. The thought of going to a school that flies only turbine seems even more overkill (I know there are other benefits but Im speaking generally) So What's the general consensus, is it more valuable to increase your "turbine time" or the number of endorsement types?
  15. I know EB heli does a R22 @ 90hrs/ 206 @ 10hrs course but how else offers this kind of course. Or is it ok with most schools to let the student decide how many hours will be on which machine (obviously if it's an available) I really like what I've head about OMH, but I really would like to have turbine time in my 1st 100 any input?
  16. Does anyone have any info on an Australian CPL and if it can be converted to Canadian(or visa versa)? Becker in Australia offers this course for the JAA. Im not really interested in the JAA but concerned if the CPL's are compatible
  17. ya very cool, but a bit monotonous after 8 min. It would have been worth watching to the end if his final move was pile-driving that thing into the sand at full speed
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