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  1. Thank you for all your advice. Much appreciated.
  2. I've got a pilot complaining about black film on the inside of the windows of his Bell 206. The pilot is complaining about having to breath this stuff in all the time. I believe that this black film is exhaust comming from the engine. It must be comming into the cabin whenever the heater is on.... My question is: What can I do to stop this Black crap from comming into the cabin? Any sugestions would gladly be taken. Thanks.
  3. Hazy, Sounds like you enjoy having aviation as your life. If that is all you care about, then working 24-7, 365 days a year would be great. In this case "Yes" money is definitely important. Sorry to have offended you. Not my intention. I enjoy my job. Actually, I love my job. However, My job will always come 2nd to my family. That is all I'm saying. 24-7, 365 days a year does not work for me, and I imagine not for many people anymore. Thats the old way of the industry. Base Job is definitely the way too go. You always get less pay, but the lifestyle is great. Its a beautiful thing when you can be happy both at work and at home. As far as putting the dream on your computer screen. Sorry. Not interested.
  4. Hazy, Touching on "the new generation of engineers". I have found that the majority of young people do not want to work all the time. ****, we hardly want to work at all. Myself, I have always wanted to do great in the industry, but I've learned that the harder you work the farther behind you become. As you increase your professionalism, there needs to be a benefit in doing so. This industry does not recognize the hard work and standard that we strive for. When a new problem shows itself the owners just throw more money our way. This is good, but it isn't fixing the problem. Its only putting a band-aid on the issues. The real problem is most of us young engineers (the new generation) would rather have more time to spend with friends and family, then make a good impression at work. Don't get me wrong, a good reputation is critical in this industry. But spending time with my wife is more important to me then making money. I think that AIDS has taken its toll on aviation and the youngsters are not going to put up with it anymore. For that reason, I'm saying "the new generation of engineers would rather have more time off, then more money". But you never know...... I might be way out to lunch.
  5. I hate to brake it too you folks, but its not about money anymore. I'm part of the new generation engineers and Its all about having a working schedule. I have no drive to go make a crap load of money if its going to keep me from my wife. No thanks. I'll take the pay cut and work less. There must be a happy medium. I have no problem working hard, but late nights and salary pay is just not going to cut it anymore. Bring on the union.
  6. Silverbullet has always been my name. Just because M.F.B drinks a lot of beer does not give him rights over my name. M.F.B does'nt even light Coors light. He's a Carlsberg fan. He's all about the European beers now. You know It.... (Now with inthousiasm) You now it!
  7. Hey buddy, Life is good down here. Your advise was excellent.

  8. Don't feel so honored Darcor. Your not the only one CQD has buzzed. I believe you were in the machine when I was buzzed as well. Oh yah, hows the food back in KP. Cant be as good as the camp down the road. Can't say I miss it much. :down: Are my tracks still there?
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