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  1. I have heard of some companies asking for 3 or more years contract/commitment from pilots (be they foreign or otherwise) because they were sick of putting money and time into pilots who job-hopped in earlier, better times, when jobs were easier to come by. So if a "foreign" pilot was willing to do this several years ago, and has proved himself to be a reliable, competent pilot - why would the company ditch him just because jobs are hard to come by - to me it sounds like they are rewarding the loyalty - not just ditching him because a Canadian pilot is out of work. "The rain falls on the just
  2. Um yeah I dont recall anyone whining - was just interested to see how others cope - Having lost a son ( not in aircraft accident), I know how it feels to have your heart ripped from your chest and wonder why me, why my son? . I try not to "whine" about that. And I think anyone who knows me will testify to that. You just have to get on with life and learn to live with the pain. So I am mystified as to why the "suck it up and stop whining" thing came into this topic?? Everyone is different and people all cope with things differently - if we are to be afraid to say what we feel on this forum,
  3. And all he best to you and your family EEM. Bet your other half can't wait to see you guys. Sigh. I love reunions! And, yip this topic sure has gone around the traps and back - still like to hear more from the families tho? Do love the humour on these forums - guess we all have to retain that sense of humour to keep from thinking too much at times!
  4. Reading the In Rembrance Of topic makes one think about the wives, girlfriends, moms, and children of pilots, and the possibility that their loved ones too, may have their names added to the "In Memory" list. We know you guys love flying and we support you in that, but we here at home "holding the fort" have our difficult times too. Sometimes you guys and gals are thousands of miles away from us and we hold you in our thoughts constantly, trying not to fear the worst and always hoping for the best. We love you guys and understand why you do what you do - we love the sense of humor that we see
  5. Yes, in light of the recent crashes - let's be very thankful that all on board are safe and sound. Despite the perceived failings of Prism to let anyone know, let's withold judgement until all the facts are available. To the pilot and paassengers, we are very happy for your survival, and hope you are able to cope with any trauma asscoiated with the accident. Good wishes to you all.
  6. Anyone know the 2 Kiwi guys who were killed in the Hughes in Utah over the weekend? A triple tragedy for the family - one son killed in heli crash in 1998, and father and son killed in this one. This is so tragic and my thoughts and feelings go out to the families of this Kiwi family. May they find strength at this terrible time. http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/411749/1923170
  7. Maybe your Mum thought the ensuing consequence of drinking scotch at 14 i.e. throwing up all night whilst clutching a bucket, was pinishment enough?
  8. Well said sirlandsalot - How quickly we forget all these issues that you have raised - I remember my babies propped up in the back seat of our car, (and the front sometimes). It makes me cringe now - but back then a lot of safety issues were not even thought of. Same with the heli pilots - as many have said on this thread, they did what they had to do to make a living. My partner was a "catcher "with one of those pilots, and the things he had to do to catch and restrain the deer after jumping from the heli would make you hair curl! I've also flown with a couple of those pilots and would do so
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