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  1. Sad news for the industry. Condolences to the family, friends and co-workers.
  2. Dynamic

    The job field

    Hey Daws, I would recommend visiting a few hangars, talk to the guys on the line...just to see the conditions, type of work, atmosphere etc. (before you drop the 60K.)
  3. Dynamic

    Bell 205 FM

    Anybody have a Bell 205 FM in pdf format? I've requested through the bell tech pub site, but since the name change response time seems a little slow...or nonexistent. Any help appeciated! Thanks
  4. Dynamic

    Contract engineer rates

    Heliduck, take a course....get ACA. Get paid.
  5. Agree with you Rotor, I haven't seen any other similar forums other then the american counterpart...vertical reference forums. Some interesting discussions on there, but nothing directly related to work in Canada. Too bad this doesn't get used like it used to
  6. It's definentely been a slow year
  7. Ugggh. Glad I don't work with anyone who has your attitude....I feel for your Co workers!
  8. Here here.....shakey just stop. No one wants to hear it.
  9. Dynamic

    Which Machine To Buy?

    My votes for a longdog!
  10. Dynamic


    I sure have. Had them try and yank my medical in the spring, after getting a plate or two wrong on the colour blindness test. I was given thirty days to get a full exam, tests done by an optometrist....from the day they SENT the letter.....which i received maybe a week and a half later....or my medical was revoked. At that point I had been flying commercially for maybe 7 or 8 years....with no history of issues. I found it a wee bit excessive.
  11. Dynamic

    Audio Exceedance Warning

    Hello all, I'm looking for any info. regarding the aero-dyne exceedance recording/audio warning system. This thread popped up in a google search, but seems to be all I can find. It is installed in a longranger, and seems to be functioning (TQ audio alert starts at about 98%). We have Aerolink software and are able to connect with the unit, which shows data in real-time, but when I try to download any history, no data is transferred. There is a second SD card port in the back, which I have tried as well (machine static, power to bus) and no data was recorded to the card. Like I said any info. appreciated!
  12. How many people received this? I have never spoke with this person and have no idea who they are. I sent him (or her) back a very colourful reply. Very poor form if I do say so myself.
  13. Dynamic

    What's Happening At Summit?

    Wowzers....on a roll eh?! Im sure TC is watching the show pretty closely