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  1. Computer login worked for me today. Didn't work yesterday.
  2. Oops Microsoft edge not echo
  3. Windows 10 with echo is working for me but I can't upload pics.
  4. Same with me using windows 10/Microsoft edge. still can't upload pics.
  5. I have no problem logging on with my IPad but have to try a number of time to log on with my laptop using Windows.
  6. Can't log on with my PC but can with my iPad.
  7. It's getting harder to log on without getting error reports.
  8. I can login from the upper corner but I can no longer post pics.
  9. I just found out this today. He was a good friend & mentor for many years in King City, Montreal & Fort Erie. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/edmontonjournal/obituary.aspx?pid=177399513
  10. Beeing an extreme old fart I think the rules were broken on most flights in the 70's
  11. You need to have a deck of cards. Because if you are hopelessly lost get out the the cards and play solitaire and within a few minutes somebody will point out a move you missed and you ask where the f**k am I.
  12. An AME friend of mine along the pilot and a passenger lost their lives due to alcohol accident in 1973.
  13. As a retired old-timer I agree.
  14. Can't get the linc to open but I'm sure it is about the pilot that hit .35 on the idiot scale.