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    They have completed flight tests and are waiting to go to their forever homes
  2. I was there in the late 70s and Early 80s during my Okie days sharing Hanger 11 with the RCMP. Are they still there?
  3. I enjoyed my days in Goose Bay in the late 70s and early 80s with PW and dear Lady K
  4. I always enjoyed my time in Goose Bay with PW & the boss lady K.
  5. i don't know if Mel was a member here but was a large Icon of the aviation industry (Nov 30 2019)
  6. The last time I was in Pickle Lake (1974) the company I was working for were banned for life at the Winston.
  7. Sad news, he was a good person to work with and mentor to a very green apprentice.
  8. Computer login worked for me today. Didn't work yesterday.
  9. Windows 10 with echo is working for me but I can't upload pics.
  10. Same with me using windows 10/Microsoft edge. still can't upload pics.
  11. I have no problem logging on with my IPad but have to try a number of time to log on with my laptop using Windows.
  12. Can't log on with my PC but can with my iPad.
  13. It's getting harder to log on without getting error reports.
  14. I can login from the upper corner but I can no longer post pics.
  15. I just found out this today. He was a good friend & mentor for many years in King City, Montreal & Fort Erie. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/edmontonjournal/obituary.aspx?pid=177399513
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