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  1. I'm down in Mexico, working in Monterrey and we been on fires for the past week and I expect that we will be on fires again tomorrow. So everyone have a merry xmas and safe hoilday season, and fly safe.
  2. Just wondering who has to work on xmas day, and doing what?
  3. Is 47 to old to go out and get a IFR rating? Were would a great place be to achive this undertaking?
  4. Whenever I was working in the artic, I never shut the a/c down while re-fueling. Had a start switch break on a 500 and boost pump both quite at the same time, so it conviced me to leave it running. Another reason is I had a :punk: weak battery and I would have a hard time getting it started again.
  5. Well this is gong back a few years,I did my Canadain licence with Mr. Jim Gray and Paul Bergeron, in Gimli MB. back in 1988, and my american licence in 1998 at Wills Point, Texas.
  6. I can't remember in the 19 years of being in this bussiness of so many a/c going down. I hope and pray that this is the end to all these mishapes. So everyone out there please fly safe!!!!
  7. I never fly without the IPOD playing, it at least gives me something to listen to down here in Mexico.
  8. I was able to find him, and had a great chat with him.Thanks :punk:
  9. Amy info on Mr. grey would be a big help? thanks
  10. Huey of course, but if I can't get one, the SK-61 is sure a nice bird to fly!!!
  11. Just bought a garmin 496 and really happy with it!!! :punk: :up: :eye: :groove: :clue:
  12. Sorry to say but a 205 went down in northern Cal. on a fire and the pilot was killed. Real bad week!!! :down:
  13. Anyone out there has a 212 or 205a1++ sitting around and would like to lease it or run it in Mx for the next three months?
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