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  1. I feel that SMS is largely about 'the appearances' rather than results. It may be a worthwhile initiative but the problem is not solvable by legislation. It seems to me like trying to legislate chastity or sobriety. In fact, those might be easier, safety is a state of mind not an impulse. Safety, I think, can be learned but it has to be a company wide, industry wide, national attitude. Safety attitudes are inherent to an individual and every individual differs in what is 'safe'. That is also related to skill levels, comfort levels, area familiarity, etc. I may be coming across as over-simp
  2. Skidz: What does HEPAC need from it's members? What can I do?, as an old phart who really does not expect to recieve any benefit from the organization, but see it as having great potential for these young people coming along. I may have another few years, as long as I can lie and cheat my way through the medical, but I intend to continue my yearly membership pittance until I have to live on catfood, which, when served with copious amounts of booze, isn't bad. TQN: Intervention please, as often as necessary, everyone listens to you. Blackmac: I think I would hugely enjoy sitting you
  3. Our company has done that modification on several Jetrangers. Probably more than six, we had a bunch of A models but the mod has been done in the shop to a few B models as well. I've never been told that the procedure for removing the door post has been changed from the above quote. I haven't asked Maintenance for clarification, I'm pretty sure they would prefer I continue to use the same procedure. As for situations where it can't be done, well, I guess the patient has to be carried a ways, picked up on a line, or it ain't gonna happen.
  4. When I got my first instruction on the 206 ambulance kit, I was warned to not only have the helicopter shut down, but to be sure that the skids were fully supported, that is flat on the ground, not sitting all wobbly. I was told, warned, threatened that I may not be able to get the door post back in place otherwise. The helicopter was under no circumstances to be started, let alone moved with the door post removed. These machines were mostly (all?) A models upgraded to B model drivetrains. Lighter, therefore flimsier airframes perhaps? Don't know, I still do it that way though and wouldn't do
  5. There are just no adequate words in these situations. I hope not to have to hear of another this summer...or ever for that matter. My condolences to all involved.
  6. Hi there Hybrid If OT's solution doesn't work, there's an application called Open Office, free download, which claims to work on a MAC. It's a free business suite much like MS Office. Good Luck wit dat. BP
  7. I guess this is a blatant hijack of T55's thread but I have to say that in some cases people at the 'yellow and red', wanted to move on to different things and in other cases...they just needed some encouragement. They were all good people, just in some cases in the wrong job or wanting something different. Managing a bunch of ego-maniacs who all know better than the boss cannot be an easy job. I wouldn't want it. Our present Ops Mgr and CP are both competent, intelligent, professional gentlemen. I am proud and pleased to work for them. I hope and believe they will both be there for a long t
  8. This may already be in here somewhere, I just got it in an email. Pennsylvania National Guard driver, flies EMS in his other life.
  9. Darn it, my memory is really failing me, I can only remember seven, unless you're counting the time the Ops Mgr wore both hats for a while.
  10. Moooost Excellent. I will now pour myself a large glass of rum and drink to your health and continued good fortune. Stay Safe BP
  11. Cole I just discovered this thread this morning and sitting here drinking coffee, I read the whole thing. Gotta tell ya buddy, if you give up looking for a job, I and a lot of other people on this forum would be quite disapointed. You sound like a bright, dedicated and persistant young man. At least you did, where did that go? Maybe you should go back and re-read this thread. I really enjoyed following your experience. I know, it can be frustrating, and travelling around to look for work can be financially difficult if not impossible, but keep the resumes updated at least. You never know
  12. Can't find the words, it's just bad. My thoughts are with you. Bryan Parsons Ross River
  13. Okay, I just payed up to join HEPAC, what can happen, they'll send me to Ross River? At my age I ain't sceered o' nobody and they can't get anybody else to stay in Ross River. Well, maybe I'm scared of my wife, yup definitely her. Anyway, who is this JWR gentleman? I ask because I wonder if he may be the fellow I met briefly on my last base when another company thought they might move in and take over. My loyal supporters reported that he was bad-mouthing me but I did not have a chance to discuss it with him because he left before I had an opportunity. Just curiosity. If this is a thread h
  14. A few years back, late fall, I was sitting in my office when a competitor landed with a customer we did a lot of work for. They unloaded their gear and caught a ride into town to the only hotel there is. A little while later it started to snow and rain, ya know that stuff, when you get up in the morning you're going to be cleaning and scraping for hours or you wait for hours and hope it melts off. Anyway, I knew I wouldn't want to have to do it so I drove to the hotel, found the pilot and brought him back to the airport so he could move his 206 into the hangar. The w/x stayed crappy for the w
  15. Was with Athabasca '70 through '72 or '73 out of LaRonge and occasionally good old B'Narrrows. Bob Glass was the base manager at LaRonge and Maurice at the Narrows. Dave Jackson took over just before I left. I think he went on to start his own Air Service at Sandy Bay. Sorry to hear about Maurice but he must have been a thousand years old. He was several hundred when I worked with him. He'd never had a 185 catch fire on start-up until we told him they did it, and then it happened almost every time...to hear him tell it. Didn't trust helicopters at all in those days, funny how that worked out.
  16. Most absolutely cool Jim'sMom, you stick around. From some of the posts I've been catching up on in these forums it would appear that maybe more mothers should be checkin' up on the kids Cheers
  17. I agree with all opinions expressed so far, personally I want 500 agl. I'm not good with a line, not enough use and I want all the odds in my favor. 'Course I usually want odds in my favor whatever I'm doing. May be off topic but I was 'accused' of using a long line too much, like when it wasn't necessary. I use it to stay as current as posssible, even when it's not necessary. The load can go as crazy as it wants, it's 100ft below the helicopter. BP
  18. No thank you please. If you see me with a wrench in my hand, I'm bringing it to an engineer.
  19. I'll probably get myself in trouble for jumping in here, being nothing more than a simple 206 driver, but it's a subject of interest to me. The original post was concerning engineer pay scales and evolved into skill sets`and ability. It has always seemed to me that an engineer should receive no less pay than the pilot on the machine to which he is assigned. 'Apprentice' pilots, those with less than 1000 hrs, get the same flight pay as a driver with 10000, on the same machine, they just get their jobs more carefully chosen. IF the Chief Pilot is able to do his job and not get overruled by upper
  20. An MFC (Most Favored Client) just showed up and presented me with his new Garmin GPSMAP 76 and asked me to; not just upload Mapsource, but show him how to use it. It appears to have the software he wants already loaded but I'm not sure I can train him on the proper use of a GPS unit. Do we not seem to be relying on this technology too much, or am just a luddite? I like computers too, but not when we have to dispense with maps. I can't do some jobs anymore if the GPS unit in the machine is not working. Yeah, sure, it's a lot more accurate but it has to work! I'm not at ALL keen on the acc
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