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  1. Maybe it's not backwards from their side of the balcony? ps what Air Force......... Aunty Helen's flying club?
  2. Made it when? I must admit, landing my own medium twin on a rig got me thinking, especially after 15 years of offshore made me swear never to go back! Until someone gives me a better toy to play with, the S76 remains my personal favourite, as long as it's not in offshore config S61 is an old but comfortable bus, I hate anything French on principle, Agusta 109's (even the Power) are just too small, Bell is too agricultural. Mr Westland wouldn't give me a flight in a 101, and the latest offerings from Sikorsky haven't made our neck of the woods, yet. So, S76 it would have to be :u
  3. Another view from units/apartments, without The Sign FWIW, the signs were on general sale from vendors around the Indy 300, and on the reverse side was....... "Please" :up:
  4. Sad to say, but the PC Nazi's have come down big time on the Aussie fly by: Melbourne Herald Sun The Australian (national rag) The Age (Melbourne) National Nine News ABC TV (Auntie ABC) How on earth the Defence Department think this will attract recruits to the modern, caring, sharing Military is beyond me :down:
  5. Ours all have the cables bound on the outside, and then a canvas cover velcro'd in place to protect the lot, all the way down the line. Helps keep dust, dirt, UV, etc off the kevlar/synthetic: early ones were blue covers, but we now use red. The blue tends to disappear in the mirror
  6. Nothing that would stand up in court............. :down: :down: :down:
  7. The delivery shown was from a two nozzle set up; the 747 gained 500 feet during the dump!! A 4 nozzle delivery is currently being developed, not just for firefighting. It has been calculated it will take 3-4 of these machines to spray NYC overnight in the event of a bio-chem event :shock: You heard it here, first........
  8. OK, I fly them both. The 120 is faster in the cruise than my 206's, by about 12-14kts. Some are smoother, one around here vibrates like a 1950 washing machine. Eurocopter have given up, and are replacing it for the client. Power wise, no better than my 206's: RoC can be 2-300fpm less than a similarly laden 206. General handling, the 120 feels more skittish, the 206 more stable. Worst thing about the 120, the low inertia rotor system. The dead man's curve is down at about 10 feet until >50kias, and you need all the momentum you can get. The 120 comes out of the sky like a heavy R
  9. FA, Obviously a number of differences with the Westland machine. Our tail fold is manual, with a ratchet jack on the port side to insert/retract the locking pins, and the hinge on the stbd side. Frantically looking through old notes (even watched the RAN SK video!), but no recollection of whether the blade fold positioning was elelctrical or hydraulic. The hydraulics are going up to the head anyway (your comment re the 92) to fold the blades, but the drive to the slip ring is where I'm a bit hazy: since we had to check hydraulic pressure 1500psi before and after blade fold operation, I
  10. Looong time since I flew the truck (29 years!!), but the blade fold (for the Westland SK) works when the #1 engine is in Accessory Drive, and #2 shut down. Rotor brake off, the MGB is turned via hydraulic (IIRC) power, until the slip ring reaches a blank segment, indicating to the system that the primary (non folding) blade is over the tail. Rotor brake "on" then sequences the blade fold into action, hydraulically folding #2 & #5 blades horizontally aft alongside #1, and #3 & #4 blades sweep aft and down, to rest alongside the tail boom. Acropyphal tale was of a Sikorsky (USN) s
  11. Always willing to learn from experienced long liners, but we've switched from steel to synthetic over the past few years, and all our synthetics have a canvas sheath. Not only to protect the line, but also to tidy up the 6 core cable running to the Slingtank (or Bambi, using two of the cores). Not having had any issue with this set up, is it significantly different to what you all use?
  12. Randy, Rex's? Sometimes see them in the distance, disappearing in the rear view mirror Remember, there's no substitute for cubic inches: leaves a Rex standing in the 1/4 mile & 0-100 Plus the 19"s, race brakes, DVD built in, etc., etc CTD, Just love that photo, bike and landscape. Where & when?
  13. You lot make me jealous: gave up the motorbike years ago, Oz is not a bike friendly environment :down: Winter's coming on in a month or two down here, but there are still opportunities to enjoy 400hp/400ft/lb in a nice car....
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