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  1. I write off my medical, TC's fee, and any charts or CFS I may have bought. Get a T2200 filled out every year. I've been audited, and it wasn't a problem. I can't work without these, and the company isn't reimbursing me for these expenses. If you don't have a ridiculously high expense claim, it probably won't even be noticed by the CRA. You could try writing off a helmet like this too, but most employers don't mandate them. If I was buying a helmet, I would try to claim it, and just pay the difference if the CRA had a problem with it.
  2. 4 hours a day on the shortest days of the year right now. No pax, just bags. There's worse ways to make a living.
  3. I work 200-230 days a year, moving drills. Typically make six figures, and tours vary from three to six weeks. The longer tours are usually good jobs I don't want to leave too soon. Would I turn down more money for less work? Of course not. But do I have much to complain about? Not really. Is the grass really that much greener on the IFR/EMS/offshore side of the fence?
  4. I was just pointing out that the linked report was far from current. I suspect that the same situation exists today. I've now spent some time looking for more current information on the status of this, and not having much luck. It's downright painful, actually. I would be more than happy to make my opinion known to the people that matter, but can't seem to find out who that would be. These regulatory changes are going to directly affect me, and many others, pilots and operators both. Yet the first I heard of them was here, while infrequently lurking. Finding out more information outside of this site has been not very successful. Perhaps if there was a more transparent rule changing system, and maybe some way of making our opinions known, there would be more involvement from the rank and file, the people who are going to have to deal with these changes on a day to day basis.
  5. Note that MedMan's link above refers to a working group whose final report was issued in 1994.
  6. So how are you supposed to do drill crew changes with only a 12 hour day to work in?
  7. Customer "So how long you been flying for?" Me "You mean...including today?"
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