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  1. If you have a AW Cert. that is listed as restricted and catagory as -ag and pest control / forest -- what does it take to change back over to a classfication standard or normal AW cert.? thank you
  2. What is the best Balancer to use on Bell 206 - where do you buy one - how much do they cost - tnx
  3. What does it take to convert a BII to a BIII? Assume the engine is a 250-c20b already. Tnx in advance.
  4. Lee07


    Does anyone know where to find the tires for the Bell 206 ground handling wheels - the ones on it are Armstrong (Pirelli) 3.50x6 6 ply studded C4 x 370 - they are on Cleveland wheels 40-103 and Cleveland said to use 4.10-3.50 x 6 - I can not find them anywhere - thank you
  5. Contact Rick Crout @ Bruce Jenner Aviation in Columbia, S. C. - he flies corporate jets and is typed - has left arm missing below the elbow - he has a web site - BruceJennerAviation.com - or something like that - good luck - Tyler Lee
  6. Installing an AirComm A/C unit in 2001 206BIII - aircraft has AirComm heater/defrost unit installed - Need any help, advise, etc from anyone that has performed this installation - also not to bring up old subject - just want any updated info on change over from BP2380 to Mobil 254 - any new thoughts out there? Thank all replies in advanced as I am new to this forum
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