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  1. In Lac La Biche, going insane. missed out on the pelican narrows shindig, but was lucky enough to be at the Grand Rapids MB fire from start to finish. COME ON, STOP RAINING
  2. Can someone that has one of these units, PLEASE zoom into Australia and tell me how good lowrance's international base map is. I love the Garmin 296 but don't want to buy two units (one for Americas and one for Asia Pacific) Thanks in advance
  3. so, new to Canada and struggling to grasp the flight and duty time regs. 3 off in 30, and 13 off in 90, seems ok. but what about this 42 days straight rule, how does that interact with the 3 and 13 off. for example i've been working everyday since may 16, and only had 1 day off so far, so for me to achieve 3 off in 30 i'll need june 14 and 15 off, my problem is how does the 42 days straight rule interact with this, can i work 42 days straight from my last day off, i'm confused. Any help would be great.
  4. Jim Grey did my PPC this year in Gimli, you can contact him via the Winnipeg TC office
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